Out of the mountains

I want to thank everyone for not egging my house while I was out of town. ?To be honest you might have, but I was so tired last night when we got home I didn’t even check. ?We were gone from 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning until 11:00 p.m. Monday night and it felt like the longest 3 days of my life. ?I say that in a good way. ?I didn’t want to come home. ?In fact, my return home feels rather cheap and empty. ?However, I’ve come home with purpose along with validation.

It is difficult to sum up my experiences at Holden Village and Let Justice Roll. ?What I will say is that it is the best youth event I’ve ever been to. ?I am a much better person for having gone.

So first some words about Holden.

Holden Village is in a secluded part of the Cascade Mountains. ?It takes nearly 1/2 a day to get there and it is only in Washington State.


The blue is the car, the green is the boat and the red is the bus.

We left our house at 4:00 a.m. and left Tacoma around 4:30 a.m. ?First we had to drive to Lake Chelan State Park to the Field’s Point Landing for the Lady of the Lake. ?We cut it mighty close. ?Our breakfast stop in Wenatchee ran a little long and we basically busted ass up the hill to get to the boat on time*. ?Once we boarded the boat we took our seats outside to enjoy the 2 hour boat ride up the lake**. ?I snapped a number of photos however, I was using a wide angle lens and that particular lens is in need of replacement so many of my photos are terribly washed out. ?After the sunburny journey up the lake we then boarded a bus for a trip aptly named “the bus ride of certain death.” ?You see, you travel up 2000 vertical feet in an old school bus. ?The first 1000 feet are via treacherous switchbacks, but with a remarkable view.


We arrived in the village on a sunny afternoon and were greeted by guests and village residents. ?We were treated to a wonderful lunch of salad and creamy broccoli soup and delicious bread. ?What a wonderful start to the weekend.

I have so many words to say about Holden Village. ?It is an amazing place. ?The people are so warm and welcoming. ?The surroundings are breathtaking and the peace you feel the minute you step off of the bus is unimaginable. ?It is like stepping into a whole different universe. ?It is like time stopped. ?2 hours can feel like 2 days, in a good way. ?You live so in the moment that you forget that there is a busy world down the mountain. ?This place allows you to forget.

However, our mission in Holden was to not forget.

As I mentioned before we went for a youth event called Let Justice Roll. ?Equally amazing as Holden itself. ?This little event is put on by Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, WA. ?It’s main leader is someone that the trusty husband has known for 21 years. ?He is a man passionate about youth ministry. ?He is also passionate about social justice issues in the world today. ?The purpose of the event was to bring together youth from the area to discuss social justice. ?Sounds simple right? ?I assure you it was anything but.

We were graced with the presence of Pastor George Johnson. ?George was formerly the Director of the Hunger Program for The American Lutheran Church. ?George taught the youth about social justice focusing primarily on the difference between charity and justice. ?Every participant of the event walked away with a deeper understanding of social justice in the world. ?My hope is that fire will burn bright and be a path for change.

While at the event we were given a large amount of free time on Sunday afternoon. ?The trusty husband, myself, my girls and a few other leaders took a short hike up the mountain to sit on some chairs, take in the view and have fun and serious conversations. ?I was able to snap a few photos of the views.


Holden sits in the shadow of an old copper mine.


I have more to share on the subject, or I should say on life in general. ?The point of the matter is I had a wonderful time, I didn’t want to come home and my life has been changed forever.


*there is only 1 boat a day to the Village

** Lake Chelan is 55 miles long and the Lucerne landing is about 1/2 way up the lake.

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  1. OK, I am tired and freely admit I didn’t read the post but dude: Lucerne, that name….in between Bangor Maine and bar harbor and Conor and I stayed at the Lucerne Inn a million times!!!! crazy how each coast has its Lucerne!!!

    love to ya, cause I hate teens!

  2. mom says: Reply

    It is amazing how going back to nature can make us reflect. Hence why most retreats are hidden away from the chaos and hate of the world. Cleansing of the soul and mind… gathering with people of good intent… makes for the best part of life! Here’s hoping and praying for change!!

  3. Lee says: Reply

    Hey-looks like some of those pics you took would look great on my bedroom wall….(Hint, wink)

  4. It is amazingly beautiful. Wow. I’ve really only seen scenery like that in movies.

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