OOOOO! Looky me!

Look!? it’s a post.? A real live post.? One where I log into my dashboard and click the “write” tab and it works.? And look at me sending emails left and right.? (ok, to my customers who have not gotten responses about your projects, I’m sorry.? I have important blog reading things to do)

Granted, I haven’t actually checked all the ins and outs to see if my site was actually moved or not, nor have I really checked to see what email server is actually working, but for the time being it works.

(holy run-on sentence batman)

And for all that pain and suffering I endured… yesterday, my new boots I ordered from Nordstrom (for $34 with free shipping) arrived, my new monitor (an awesome business investment so I can actually speed up the process of working for aforementioned clients) arrived this morning and this afternoon… I get to spend it with my girlfriends.? Sorry Carrie, I would totally drive up to Seattle to have coffee with you, but the traffic on a Friday, and my horrible case of road rage and all.? It’s better that we don’t meet on those terms.? It wouldn’t be pretty.

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Chocolate Milk; good for you or just Elle’s new fashion trend?

What did Elle really buy with her iTunes gift card?


Appleton, WI; I’ve really gone off the deep end.

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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    Holy jumping deli-gods on pogo sticks! Horrible doesn’t even touch your road rage … have you ever driven a car with you in the back seat? Yeah. The transferral of road rage to the driver, that’s road rage. It’s a gift … use if for good.

    Knowing TH and all, and what he does, and what Appleton WI means … yes, you’re going off the deep end … actually off the diving well of an Olympic pool … third platform. You know it is winter, right?

  2. Tracy says: Reply

    Appleton, WI????? Are/have you really been to my neck of the woods? If your planning a trip, please let me know!!

  3. Congrats on everything working! Appleton, Wi? I’m curious! Off to save a whiny child from himself – please tell me the whiny stage of being 3 is short lived??!!

  4. NEAL says: Reply


    Yes, the whiny stage of 3 lasts 365 days, unless there is a leap year … then it is one more … it can progress into the whiny stage of 4, 5, 6 … but it comes in spurts as they grow both physically and mentally.

    Good times, good times.

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    Appleton WI…I swear if you have come and gone I will be angry…I am not far from there either and would love to meet the boy….and you of course.

  6. Ree says: Reply

    You must have done the “appease the server Gawds boogie” just right!

  7. Rhonda says: Reply

    Better you than me. I think I’ll stick with good old Blogger for a while longer. And I think chocolate milk is good. But, only if its growth hormone-free.

  8. You can live a long time on chocolate milk. I know.

    Also I am interested in what you bought on itunes. I am always looking for new music for my ipod.

  9. kate says: Reply

    I’m just glad you’re back! ;>

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