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I am now on a mission.? A mission so big that in the next 40 days I am likely to lose nearly all of my readers.? Do I care?? That I lose my readers?? Yes.? That I lose them for something that I feel so strongly about?? NO.

I am now on a mission to make sure that I spread the word at how terribly unqualified Sarah Palin is to be Vice-President of the United States.? This isn’t to say that I will spend the next 40 days posting stuff about Palin.? I’m (hopefully) leaving that to the expert*.

I want to spread the word that this woman is not qualified.? Horribly and utterly not qualified.? And I’m a card carrying Republican (not that they give out cards… oh wait… they do).? I have voted GOP since I registered to vote (promptly 3 days after my 18th birthday), but not this time.? Our “Grand” ol’ Party has gone too far.? Call me one of the many Obama-cans of this campaign.? It’s sure as hell better than voting for a woman who qualifies her foreign policy credentials as being able to see Russia from her house.? Her military prowess as being in command of the Alaska Nationl Guard.? They have all of about 4000 members by the way.? Oh wait, does “command” include being the “face” of the guard?

And on the Vice-Presidential front… The Republicans say she got more votes for Mayor of Wasilla than Biden got for President.? Yeah… that must be new math.? Because if I’m not mistaken Palin received 909 votes for Mayor of Wasilla** and Biden dropped out after the Iowa caucus and had received 2,328 votes.

What gets me the most about Palin is her inability to answer a question further than what her handlers have prompted her for.? Watch this video.? No where in it is she able to answer the simplest of questions.? What will really make your brain leak out of your ear is if you watch all the way to the last moments.? I had a little aneurysm there.

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*he said he’s use Protesting Stupidity as a forum for Palin dumbness over the next 40 days, but he’s a really bad blogger.

**download the 1999 .pdf file.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    I watched this interview and just as you… wanted to gag!

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    I’m in. I want to join your club.

  3. And this is why the Republicans are limiting her interview opportunities now.

  4. This election scares the hell out of me.

  5. Rebecca says: Reply

    You won’t lose me, I agree. But I’m in Jersey, its doubtful that it will be a McCain/Palin state.

  6. Heidi says: Reply

    I honestly feel ill. I mean, I don’t know a lot, but I’m not in the running – it’s so clear to me that she is unqualified, how do others not see this? So scary.

  7. kim says: Reply

    this makes me sick to my stomach. I have a 12 year old and a 8 year old, what can the future hold for them if we allow dolts like this to be a whisper away from running our country?

  8. kristin says: Reply

    I’m in! It is just so scary! I’m sick to my stomach! Go Ellen! Get the word out!

  9. Seriously – what jackass said “let’s tap her to be veep – she’ll be great”? If they just wanted a uterus, there are certainly more qualified and intelligent women out there!

  10. Lena says: Reply

    My other blog discussed Palin a little bit a few weeks back. One very interesting article was linked,, of course this was prior to the convention.

    Go Elle!

  11. Kami says: Reply

    Wow. I need to go hit my head on the wall for a minute now! On a happier note I wanted to say “Thanks” so much for the fabulous Steve that I received from you!!! It was so generous of you to send. I hope my little one loves it as much as your guy does! Take care!

  12. Elaine in Lynnwood says: Reply

    Yep, scares the h*** out of me also.

  13. Jenny says: Reply

    I’m friends with a Rebuplican?

    And the Steves should be on your Etsy site.

  14. DebiP says: Reply

    I am gonna ask you one more time not to belabor the point and site specific examples…

    the answer I will get them and bring them to you…

    WTF…does she have a clue…does she know how to buy a clue …

    and for what it is worth I can see Russia from here too….though mine is very verbal and cute as can be….

  15. Lauri says: Reply

    I hear ya

  16. Liv says: Reply

    Wow… I wonder if she can dig up a nice recipe for Halibut chowder while she’s looking for specific examples.

    And I agree with Jenny, bring Steves to Etsy.

  17. Jenni says: Reply

    I’m just completely stunned that so many people support Palin! Can they really let her pro-life stance overshadow EVERYTHING else? I can’t wait for the debate with Biden. Sonehow, I don’t think “Ill get back to you on that” is gonna fly in that arena.

    Did you also notice how after the Obama/McCain debate Biden spoke on nearly every news channel, while Palin declined all invitations?

  18. Rhonda says: Reply

    We are anxiously awaiting the debate with Biden. I think she’s probably a great person, someone who I would love to be friends with. Not someone I’d want as the VP of the United States.

    She has completely lost her confidence. And as governor of Alaska, she was ALWAYS available to the press. But, now, she is untouchable. McCain is terrified she is going to say something unscripted.

    She is not ready. The idea she could be President if something happened to McCain is terrifying. What an irresponsible choice on his part.

  19. Wow. Just… Wow. She needs to be squawking on the shoulder of a pirate, she’s such a parrot.

    I live in a county where all my neighbors have McCain/Palin signs up. I seriously want to knock on a few doors and ask them what they are thinking.

  20. Doesn’t look as if you are in much danger of losing many readers over this one.

  21. Joel413 says: Reply

    What is even scarier is that Tiny Fey didn’t have to write any original content for her “spoof” on Saturday:

  22. Whoah.

  23. sun says: Reply

    I personally like her, but she wasn’t my first choice for VP. But either way, why not the equal treatment on how inexperienced Obama is? How he said he’d been in most of the 57 states? Or Joe Biden with his constant silliness. None of the other candidates are getting the same sort of hostility from the media. I’d rather take my inexperience to the VP place than the president.

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