Ohh look pictures

It’s too hot to formulate a coherent post… Ok, I’m sitting in the wonderfully air conditioned house, but still. Today, you just get photos. Mainly it is to keep grandparents back at home happy*.

B posing for the camera

Not knowing what to do
Bee has yet to figure out why I squat down to take photos. She copies me.

All ready for Kindergarten
All ready for the first day of school

My fish
Told you there was a pool, but did I mention it is only 30″ deep?

That?s one giant O
Darn happy about that hat

*click the photo to get the lightbox.

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  1. “More Oleg” is what Quin says every time he sees a picture of him!

  2. DebiP says: Reply

    She is a cutie…tell her congrats on a good first day at school..and your boy is getting so handsome…keep these photos posts coming..I like to see that kid of yours

  3. Mom says: Reply

    It’s about time us grandparents got a fix! Never can get enough photos.

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