Oh look at the kitty

I will be very proud of anyone who gets that reference.

It pretty much describes meal time at our house. A typical meal time usually sounds something like this:

Elle: Boy please eat.

Boy: num-num

Elle: yes, num-num! Good eating!

Boy: *yammers something unrecognizable.

Elle and CS carry on a short conversation about their day

Boy: still yammering and now playing with his food.

Elle: vous mangez (you eat in French, don?t ask)

Boy: continues to yammer on about nothing

CS (to boy): pah-yeest pah-zhalsta

Boy: MAUU!!! (as he points at the cat)

Our boy easily gets distracted by the cats.

So I bet you are wondering where the heck I have been these last few days, eh? Well… the ol? computer went through a bit of a refurbish if you will. I was having problems with some viruses, spy ware and other junk I pick up with as much internet work as I do. So since CS had to install some new hardware (a firewire card so I can get the video off the video camera) he decided to wipe the hard drive clean. If you have ever done this before you know that it takes for fricken evah! Not only do you have the process of backing up everything and praying that you got it all just the act of the wipe itself is time consuming. Then we had to go back and re-install all of the programs that we use and download the other programs I don?t have disks for. This means everthing from mouse, video card, scanner and other various drivers. It took the better part of 3 days. I did have computer access, but for the most part my computer was otherwise occupied.

I also wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given me over the last few weeks. For the record I did know the stick was a bad idea. Please don?t call CPS on me. It has since been put away in a closet.

We are also changing our sleep routine a little. I know that many of you said to go ahead and let him rock, but there were a few that gave me a few ideas. Part of my problem was that when I tried rocking him to sleep he tried to crawl out of my arms. Finally I just held him so he couldn?t get away (which resulted in some crying, but not much) and on Saturday afternoon he fell asleep in my arms for the first time. Thanks Crystal!!! You were right. He did just melt and so did I. We tried this again Saturday night and it worked again. So we are going to try this for a while.

What I really needed to be reminded of was that Post-institutionalized children often never have the chance to be babies. My son is one of them. He lived his entire life in the orphanage and was never given the opportunity to be a baby. No one came when he cried, no one kissed his boo-boos and no one ever rocked him to sleep. We are trying to put ourselves in his shoes and try to give him those things he missed out on.’, ‘Oh… look at the kitty.

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