Ode to my dislike for Bill

Oh Bill, why must your company make such inferior products? Why must programmers write code specifically for your web browser? Why must you make it so difficult on all of us who only use a mere pittance of 10% of our brains? Don’t you think it would be much easier to make it easier on us. We may not hate you as much then. Maybe we would not grumble as we skulk our way to the register with your over priced crap of a product. Why must you brainwash us into thinking your product will actually work this time? What hold do you have on my internet friends that they must continue to use your browser? Please release them from your evil spell so that they might listen to me and use a far superior browser. That way I can write my website once and be done with it. Instead I have to spend hours making my site work in 3 different browsers and yours is the only one that doesn’t work. Why Bill, why must you do this to me?

So those of you still not listening to me and using Bill’s product get punished for a week. That nifty new photo tool (that I planned on updating this morning, but can’t because I’ve spent the whole morning trying to make the site work in Bill’s browser) is waaaay down at the bottom of the page. So either go out and download Mozilla or Opera or suffer the consequences. I don’t have time to fix it right now.

*and those damn gnomes can’t read html. fuckers.

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  1. Lea says: Reply

    Mozilla fan here. Looks great to me!

  2. Stick it to ‘im! Yeah, looked great via Mozilla this morning. At work now, I see the sad issue …

  3. mom says: Reply

    I’ve already been reprimanded by you about Bill and fixed the error of my ways!

  4. Jenny says: Reply

    I’m sure Bill would care, if he knew.

  5. Nicole says: Reply


  6. Jenni says: Reply

    It looks great on my Mozilla too. I absolutely LOVE the gnome header!

  7. Love the gnomes. Can’t hate Microsoft cuz it pays the bills. sorry. :-}

    Have fun in Alaska!!!

  8. Jessica says: Reply

    Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird are the way to go!

  9. Maggie says: Reply

    Love the header. You should have a header archive or something.

  10. NEAL says: Reply

    I *heart* Steve.

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