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It is a well know fact that I like shoes. Oh, I hadn’t mentioned that? Let me once again affirm my love for shoes. I luuuurve them. *smoochy smoochy* I feel better now.

In my on going quest to beat Imelda I have racked up thousands of dollars in shoes. Sadly, many of them have been retired leaving me with a piddly 30 or so in my closet.

However, there has been one pair of shoes that has been elusive. The brown loafer. Back in the day I had a pair of hand me down penny loafers that (at the time) were the shiz-nit. I wore those bad boys until the heels fell off. Since then I have not owned a pair of brown loafer that are a) remotely cute or b) are the least bit comfortable. I may have low comfort standards when it comes to many pairs of shoes, but loafers must be comfortable. Usually they look like old lady shoes with orthopedic soles or are the most hideous color of baby shit brown. So for years I have hunted for brown loafers.

I recently purchased a new dress for Easter. And of course I didn’t have shoes to wear with it. Who ever has shoes to match the clothing they purchase? If you do it is a distinct possibility that you have ugly shoes. Put down the Crocs ladies. You don’t need them in 14 colors.

Now the shoes to wear with the Easter dress must be comfortable. I have to stand for 6-7 hours Sunday morning and cook food. I had on cute shoes last year, but by the end of the breakfast my feet hurt so bad I was relegated to the cold foods at the Sunday brunch because I couldn’t make it up the stairs in the restaurant to get the hot food. Not this year baby, not this year.

Within 20 minutes of my house is a DSW. Oh yes… you read that right. 20 minutes. In less than 1/2 an hour I can be at shoe heaven. So I hauled the trusty husband and the boy up North to mecca. I had a little bit of shoe overload when walking in the door because the spring! colors! eeeee! and. patent. so much patent. *slobber smoochy smoochy*

I found 4 pairs of black patent ballet flats that would go well with my dress. I settled on a pair that I could wear on more than one occasion. Once I found what I went for I thought I’d browse the clearance section. I never find shoes in the DSW clearance section. Normally it is all crap people wouldn’t buy anyway. But hidden in the racks I found beautiful brown loafers (and 1/2 that price). Chocolate brown patent Clarks that are not only like putting little pillows on your feet, but they have little flower cutouts that are. just. so. cute. So cute that I nearly left my husband and married them right on the spot.

At long last my quest for the perfect brown loafer is over. Now if I could just find a cute pair of black sandals.

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  1. What, no photos of the perfect brown loafers?

    I have the worst time finding shoes – cute + comfortable = impossible to find. But maybe I’m just not a good shoeshopper like you… DSW you say? Wonder if there’s one way over here on the eastside?

  2. Ahh… the true sign of addiction. You had a wonderful little taste, but it’s never enough. I have two words for you — 12 steps.

  3. One of the best things about our current apartment? DSW less than 8 miles from door to door. And my husband proved yet again that he is the perfect man for me when he came home one day this week to find me in a particularly foul mood. His cure? He suggested a field trip to DSW because he needed tennis shoes and knew I would enjoy browsing. Then he found a pair of cute and comfy sandals that he declared would look great on me (I tried them on…he was right). I told him I didn’t really need them and he actually asked me to let him buy them for me because I hadn’t gotten any news shoes in awhile. Sigh…he really is the perfect hubby.

  4. Those are quite cute! Good luck with the easter shoes this weekend – I hope they’re nicer to your feet than last year’s shoes!

  5. Diana Hooten says: Reply

    Wow…how did you and Michelle luck out in the hubby department? Mine throws a fit if I buy cheapies (says he only has 3 pairs, and that’s enough). Sheesh….what’s a girl to do?

    Cute shoes though Elle. I’ll have to comb the clearance too now that we have one like 2-3 miles from my house! Never been to one before (shameful, I’m sure).

  6. Nancy says: Reply

    I love me some Clarks shoes. I always say that my toes are having a little party in them.

    Maybe that is what I need a little field trip to DSW, hm……..

  7. Thanks. Now I’m drooling over these:

  8. Goodness – I tried on these exact shoes at my DSW two weeks ago but was on a search for lighter brown. They are soooo comfy. I love my Clarks, but these were much cuter than most.

    Congrats on the shoe purchase.

  9. Those are darling. I love Clarks. What is a DSW?

  10. Never been to DSW. I know, shocking…

  11. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    I hate to show my ignore but what is DSW? Is that the full name of the store? We who live in the midwest are in the dark…again! I have trouble finding shoes that would look good with skirts and dresses AND accomodate my orthodics. You are so lucky to not have that worry. Have a Happy Easter! Hugs Aunt Jan

  12. Lauri says: Reply

    Naturalizer has the most comfy little black ballet flats- so cute

  13. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I went to DSW at S/C just last week for the first time…. I did visit the SF store a few years ago.. HOLY COW is that a fabulous place. I went in because of a post you did a few months ago, btw.

    You owe me the $150 I shouldn’t have spent.

  14. Jenny says: Reply

    I’ve never been there, wanna field trip sometime?

  15. Jenny says: Reply

    I wore privos the entire winter. They looked like danskos without the heavy sole.

    NOW, when I was reading I had no idea you were just talking about brown flats…I thought of PENNY LOAFERS! I was thinking, well Elle, any penny loafer is farty!

    Those shoes will look cute with everything. And you can dress up or down!

    enjoy and Happy Easter!

  16. Amy says: Reply

    Did I see that some do not know what DSW is? Shame shame…

  17. Carla says: Reply

    I remember you proclaiming the joy of all that is DSW, so I couldn’t stay away when one opened….less than 5 minutes from my house! Yes, it did! I am in love. ; )

    Dh…not so much in love with me loving that store. LOL

  18. Love DSW, but around here, I seem to have more luck finding things on sale in regular Department stores if I time my hunt right. I found the cutest pair of Mary Jane wedges in Easy Spirit last week and am IN LOVE with them. As for Black Sandals, check out Michael Kors’ and Calvin Klein’s new spring lines. Saw them the other day in Macy’s and they were SO cute!! CK shoes are the most comfy dress shoes I’ve ever worn. Even their 4″ sexy ones. With them, its all about proper heel placement.

  19. I am jealous! My feet are so stinkin’ tiny that nobody ever has anything cute that fits, not even DSW 🙁 Oh well, it’s still nice to go in and browse and sometimes I get lucky.

  20. I love those Clarks shoes!!!! Gosh, I can’t even imagine having a DSW… Shoe shopping here is dreadful. You can get some, but only some, Clarks… There’s also Ecco, but at a MUCH higher price than in the USA. I’ve yet to find a pair of shoes here that doesn’t hurt my feet. I think I brought back five pairs this January from the USA! That included, however, my winter boots, winter flats, and a pair of spring shoes… Sometimes I wish I lived in a culture where you actually could go about in crocs, however frumpy they may be. Here women wear spiked heel boots to simply run to the grocery store–even in icy weather!!! And Michelle–your husband is a god. My husband is really thoughtful in other ways, though… He never raises an eyebrow about how much it costs to buy bras that actually fit (I’m kind of large). Guess he figures there’s something in it for him… Not quite as selfless as looking out for your stylish feet!

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