Not time to write and you don’t even get photos

Long story short… we had a nice father’s day.? Went to Seattle.? We rode the SLUT illegally.? I took video, but don’t have time to edit it.

Work is kicking my butt.? As in too much of it and not enough time.? Hey… I thought I was supposed to be a stay-at-home mom.? That’s working out well for me.

The call never came and I don’t think it ever will.? Bummer.

I called to wish my Dad a happy Father’s Day.? I found out that lil’ bro was suspended from school for the rest of the year for (according to my father who can be a less than reliable source) drug use.? The police also phoned my Dad last weekend to inform them that lil’ bro was drinking at a party.? Lil’ bro may be sent to big sis boot camp for a few weeks this summer.? If he thought living with Dad was bad just wait.? I’ll kick his ass right good.

And if you aren’t watching it already I highly suggest the shows When We Left Earth and Greensburg.? Well worth it.

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  1. so will you ever tell us what the call-that-wasn’t was about?

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    me too…. confused about the call…please share and did I read something about a new hair cut?

    glad all is well

  3. Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one who missed the the call ref. Lulz illegal SLUT ride!

  4. DebiP says: Reply

    I think she is referring to the job interview that she did not get called for?? Maybe I am wrong?? Elle don’t let life get in the way of having fun….I know that since this is my ONLY connection to you…I miss your posts..

  5. I think it’s great that you’re willing to be there for your brother. You and D will be fantastic role models for him, and it’s possible that getting out of his house is what is needed to get his life straightened out. You two have been able to support many teens, and you know how to work with them; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be teen youth leaders. Remember that you have the experience to deal with this BECAUSE you work with teens through the church. You have an additional advantage that you can discipline your brother in a manner that you can’t with the youth group kids. 😉 I know that having your brother spend time with you will be one of the best things for him; having family support him during this time shows him that he is loved, trusted, and a valuable part of your family. It has been shown, through studies, that many times people start drinking and using drugs because they don’t think they are loved, trusted, or a valuable part of the family. Being there for him will show him that he can turn his life around, and be the best brother, uncle, friend, and overall person that he can be. Good luck!!

    I’m also assuming the call was regarding the job, and I’m sorry you didn’t get it! Since your church work is so busy right now, maybe it’s for the best? However, it sounds like it’s keeping you busy enough that maybe you should back off on some of your commitments, especially the non-paying ones (although those are usually the fun ones).

    Get out and enjoy the summer!!

  6. Tori says: Reply

    I’m glad I’m not totally out of it. Are you ever going to share what the call was about or just continue to tease us?

  7. mom says: Reply

    Lots and lots of teens make bad choices. Never ever give up on a kid that needs guidance more then ever before. Young and stupid has been around a long time and we as adults (not always… all knowing)have to handle each case on an individual basis. I know you and the “Trusty husband” will be there to set an example and maybe even a sounding board for a young man who’s gone on hit a bump in the road. I’m proud of you!

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