Not a bag, but they are for sale

I’ve had many a compliment on my photography over the years. ?Lord knows I take enough pictures. ?What you don’t know is that I’m not the greatest at taking people photos. ?People have this horrible knack of cheese smiling every time I put a camera in their face. ?My son being the worst culprit of this. ?Good thing I know of a good photographer. ?Well, that and the trusty husband takes great people photos (he’s the one who should be a professional photographer).

So back to my photos. ?I do a decent enough job of animals and inanimate objects. ?I’m also rather good at taking a crappy picture and making look good with the magic of Photoshop.

I got this wild hair that I would give selling some of my images on Etsy a try. ?It takes much less time to do a little editing than it does to make a bag. ?Time is something I’m rather short on these days. ?So if you find that you have a little extra time check them out. ?There is a large majority of images I don’t have listed. ?Either I don’t think they are good enough or that I haven’t waded through the thousands that I have.

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  1. Elle — your photos are great! My sister’s husband farms (vegetables) and her son is nuts for tractors. I’ll have to tip her off to your photos.

    I wish Photoshop didn’t induce such anxiety in me! One of these days I need to just take a class.

  2. Kim Hartman says: Reply

    This is so funny, I was just showing my husband your photos and he asked where you sold them. they are THAT good. Beautiful work. I’ll be ordering the skiff, next paycheck.

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