Normal Life

I’ve been so focused on guest posts, Russia and candy that I’ve neglected to keep you up on normal life. ?Not that you won’t hear more guests posts, stuff about Russia and candy in the week and a 1/2 to come. ?I assure you we haven’t jetted off to somewhere exotic or anything. ?I guess you could count Costco as exotic. ?I did see a lady buying a case of Spam and a case of heartburn medicine. ?I kinda wanted to smack her in the head and say, “duh.” ?Instead we laughed at her behind her back and now we are certainly going to hell.

Last week the trusty husband was on vacation and spent the whole week sitting next to me using my laptop while I tried to work. ?My desk is not that big and he is very large. ?It also made it quite difficult to communicate with people regarding a surprise party I was throwing for him on Saturday. ?Good news is he cleaned out the garage so I can’t be too irritated.

Last Friday we celebrated the trusty husband’s birthday. ?Friends came over for our monthly wine club meeting. ?I served yummy food. ?Kathou brought yummy food. ?We drank yummy wine and all was good.

Saturday was the aforementioned surprise party. ?I like to do things the difficult way and I couldn’t figure out how to get the trusty husband out of the house, all the people into the house and hide their cars in order to have the party. ?In hindsight I figured it out, but my way was more fun. ?I told the trusty husband that his parents were coming for lunch. ?It all worked out perfectly because we had wine club the night before and the trusty in-laws had the boy and had to bring him up for hockey, which is right before lunch. ?So we would be having them over for lunch. ?I am so smart. ?Yes I’m so smart. ?S-M-R-T. ?I then invited our friends and gave everyone a time to show up starting at 12:30. ?Since I couldn’t cook a bunch of food they were all tasked with showing up on time and bringing a dish (with a theme). ?Jon & Kerstin showed up first with bacon wrapped, goat cheese and almond stuffed dates. ?Next, Joel & Rai showed up with bacon wrapped lil’ smokies (which were like addictive little pieced of heart attack). ?Next the trusty husband’s BFF showed up. ?He didn’t bring anything because he was single dadding it and we forgive him for that. ?Next was Kevin with horseradish mashed potatoes and a shaved Brussels sprout and bacon thing (that we are totally doing for Thanksgiving). ?The last to show up were Neal & Tacomachickadee with bacon mac-n-cheese. ?Do you sense a theme here. ?Considering I made the trusty husband make ribs for lunch and the trusty in-laws brought Broadway Pea salad (with bacon). ?I told everyone the theme was Bacon Fest. ?I was going to go with Pork Fest, but well… that was just wrong.

The trusty husband was truly surprised (or at least that is what he is telling me after the whole guitar fiasco*). ?It ended up being an ingenious plan. ?With the first guest he just thought I’d invited some friends too and forgotten to tell him (which I would totally do). ?After the second guest he figured it out, but didn’t know who was coming or how many people. ?Friends kept showing up. ?It was great. ?The best part about the whole thing was I went out to the mailbox to see if there were any cards for him and the only thing in the box was an advertisment from St. Joe’s hospital offering free heart health screenings. ?Later in the evening we sat on the couch sweating cholesterol.

In other normal life news, I’ve rearranged my church work schedule and am actually doing my church work at none other than… the church. ?I didn’t think I would have enough time to get things done, but evidently if I shut my office door and concentrate on work I get stuff done.

Other other news. ?Last week I thought I was going to lose my job. ?After all, I work for a church and giving is down. ?The pastor wanted to “talk to me about my position for next year” and then I had to wait a whole week for the meeting. ?I was basically fuh-reaking out. ?It turns out, he’s noticed that I do way more work than I’m getting paid for and he wants to recommend to the council that my hours are increased next year. ?So not what I was thinking was going to happen. ?More money is always good. ?This is all pending council approval, but at the very least it is nice to know that he sees that I do quite a bit and would like to see my position grow. ?A church, want to expand it’s communications? ?Why I never.

Boy news. ?Yes, he’s still cute. ?Yes, he’s still smart. ?Yes, he has pretty much given up his nap which is causing him to be a cranky poo head about every 3rd day. ?Yesterday was one of those days. ?But he’s still cute. ?I would give you photos, but it is winter around here and it is basically dark all. the. time and I can’t get a good indoor photo. ?I’ll try.

And there you have it. ?My life the last few weeks. ?Aren’t you glad you stuck around for that?


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  1. mom says: Reply

    I will never work another Thursday again or miss another party! šŸ™‚

  2. MIL says: Reply

    The party was GREAT – lots of for all of us as well as the Birthday Boy!! Dad and I have sworn off bacon for the foreseeable future!!! Ha! Luv, MIL

  3. MIL says: Reply

    P.S. Congrats on the “promotion” at church – more $$$ for one’s work is always good! :-)) MIL

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