No Cal

Greetings from sunny and fuggin hot Northern California!? Ha.? Bet you thought that I was going to prattle on about food again didn’t you?? Nope.? Ok, maybe about the oh so fattening yet oh so yummy delicious In-n-Out burger I had for lunch.? We (almost literally) stepped off the airplane and straight to In-n-Out.? We had to make a stop at the trusty sister-in-law’s house.
So why the heck are we in California and not tell anyone?? Well, the trusty husband is here for work and? we got my ticket for free.? We just had to buy a ticket for the boy.? Besides Derek’s sister, brother-in-law and niece live here and we decided that we needed to visit.? And I didn’t tell many people because what fun would that be.? Last summer I had to tell all of you we got our court date and were going to Russia.? The trusty husband wouldn’t let me surprise all of you by just showing up in Russia and saying, “We’re here!”? I know, I know… Russia-California, just not the same.

We will be here for 8 days.? We plan on doing sight seeing in fabulous Sacramento.?? For the remaining 7 we’ll basically sit by the pool and drink wine.? The trusty sis-in-law and I are planning a shoe shopping trip if it kills us.

So no menu this week.? You are on your own .

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  1. Have a great time, and tell the SIL I said hello!

  2. Lena says: Reply

    That sounds like the perfect little get-away, sipping wine and just hang out. I hope trusty toddler has a fun time as well.

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    we are sharing the same brain today. i just blogged about in-n-out burger!

    wish no cal was closer to so cal.

  4. Tricia says: Reply

    oh oh oh! and i’m sitting by the pool drinking wine.

  5. Mom says: Reply

    Lucky you guys! It started to rain here and my vaca has just begun… Oh boy.
    I’d much rather be sitting by a pool drinking wine in sunny Calif. Have lots of fun!! We’re jealous.
    Mopey faced,
    Mom and Mike

  6. So, did you turn off the comments on the Kingsolver post so I couldn’t say “Ha! I told you so!”. I wasn’t going to. I was going to say “THANK YOU” for the freezer-meals link as I’ve been meaning to go read up on those and had not gotten around to it.

    And I am glad that you enjoyed the book. Have you tried the cheese-making yet?

    And, am I wrecking your blog by commenting on the wrong post? To tidy up, yes, you are in California where it is sunny and I am in Washington where it is FALL. Lucky you. Poor soggy me. Plus I am turning a double-digit on Monday and you are youthful and spry. And in drinking wine in CA, so sip a nice merlot for me.


  7. Jealous. That’s me. I’ve never been to Northern California before and I so want to go! Of course, that was one of the choices for my honeymoon when I actually thought Mr. Inertia and I would get married, so the thought of No. Cal is a tad tainted for me now! šŸ™‚

  8. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Er, that’s “great” about your trip… but I kinda come here for the food stuff. OK, I’ll be good if you post about shoes!

    Enjoy the sunshine and wine, Kid. You deserve it.

  9. DebiP says: Reply

    Lucky you and happy for you to get out of town for a week…

    enjoy it once the boy is in school that is not so easy…

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