New year, new you

Ok, new me.

Every year I swear I will not make resolutions.? Resolutions are made to be broken.? How many times have you said, “this year my new year’s resolution is to go to the gym every day and eat nothing but broccoli.”?? Then somewhere around January 2nd you find yourself sitting in front of the TV, watching Dancing with the Stars eating a cheeseburger.? Hey, you’re watching someone else exercise, that counts right?? See what I mean.? The only time I ever “resolve” to do anything is during Lent.? 40 days.? 40 days I can handle.? 365… I don’t have the attention span for that.? And heaven forbid it be a leap year.? Never gonna happen my friend.? That one extra day would totally put me over the edge.

So I don’t make resolutions.? However, I like to start the year off with a clean slate.? Make some changes in life.? Look forward and forget about all the shit that happened in the past year.? Hopefully this year will be better than the last, and last year was pretty good for us.

In 2008 you get a new Life of Elle logo.? See up there!? I like it too.? No changes to the site layout yet.? Oddly, I’m still happy with the basic layout I have.? It’s versatile and easy to update.? You will still get a new look each month.? I can’t stare at one color for more than a month.? And think about it, you only look at it for 1 month.? I look at it for 2.? I design the coming month’s graphics at the beginning of the preceding month.? That way I can tweak it to look just right.? I’m just not telling where I hide the design so you can sneak a peek.

There is also a new feature.? “What’s on the Calendar.”? Under pages over there <—————.? Not only do you get to see what we are having for dinner, you get to see what I do during the week.? Now this isn’t ever minute detail.? It is the major things I have going on.? Again, this is something to keep the trusty husband up to speed on what the boy and I have planned.? It is also to show my mother that I really am as busy as I say I am.

I am also going to try to spend a little less time in front of the computer and a little more time starting project “Get all of this shit out of my house.”? I am a huge pack rat and the stuff is making me feel like I am suffocating.? I am starting today with the boy’s bedroom.? I already went through his clothing, and will be filling my 6th giant Rubbermaid container with clothes that don’t fit.? Next it to tackle the actual closet and then *gasp* his toy box.? Heaven help me when he figures out what I’m doing.? Notice I say when and not if.

A Happy New Year to you all and may your new year be full of great things to come.

I’ll defend explain this month’s slogan later.

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  1. Love the new look (as always)! Happy New Year!

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    I need a calendar to keep my husband informed as well. Telling him doesn’t work. He either doesn’t listen to my endless babble (probably what is going on) or the Alzheimer’s is already kicking in (that’s what I tell him).

    Happy New Year!

  3. Jenny says: Reply

    Happy New Year Elle. I hope it is a very happy and healthy 2008 for your family.

  4. DebiP says: Reply

    if I told the rest of the world what I had planned for the week Trusty husband still would not know because he cant seem to get to my blog…go figure…and I love the slogan for the month and the new header…you have a good Jan 08…

  5. Happy New Year! I totally forgot about resolutions. I should probably do that. Perhaps I should make a resolution of something that I will probably do, therefore I won’t fail and won’t feel bad about myself.

    Lets see. I resolve to eat chocolate while watching other people exercise. Wow I feel good.

  6. chou2 says: Reply

    Great new look! I’m anti-resolution, so I applaud you on not making them. And so impressed that you are de-shittifying your house. I need to do that bigtime, to make room for the Sprout.

  7. Ree says: Reply

    I’ve been waiting for the new look – Not that I didn’t love the old one, but I am so excited about my own blogolution to update my header monthly – so I’m looking forward to seeing what others are doing.

    Happy New Year Elle!

  8. Lena says: Reply

    I’m eagerly awaiting the explaination behind the new look, but in the meantime I’m just going to assume you get chills listening to the national anthem of the Soviet Union, just like this puckhead does.

    Happy New Year!

  9. mom says: Reply

    Love the new look! You’ve used some of my favorite colors and the design is awesome!

  10. I like the new look.


  11. Happy New Year!

    We’re also going through stuff, and I’ve made two forays into Quin’s toy box. The first time I removed stuff he hadn’t played with (and he never noticed they were gone – I did it at night when his toy boxy was still downstairs), and the second time I asked him about some stuff, and was surprised at how much he was willing to give to other kids who don’t have as many toys. That’s how I phrased it: do you want to give this toy to another little boy who doesn’t have any toys? You have so many toys, maybe you could share some with another boy.

    I’m also eagerly awaiting the explanation behind the new header!

  12. Willow says: Reply

    It’s nice to know someone else out there is suffering from oxygen deprivation!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes I think I want to throw everything away and start fresh. Just clear off my desk and my inbox and see if I ever miss any of it.

    So I totally need the BKG image on your header! And I’m not talking about the russain star or the map of the world 🙂 I’m sure it’s already waiting for me in my e-mail inbox (hint hint).


  13. Happy New Year! Soviet Red is your color, baby! The color wears you!

  14. Jenny says: Reply

    Love the red for January…… and I’m thinking about why you’ve gone “Red”


  15. Noreen says: Reply

    Good luck on the de-cluttering. My life just feels like a pile of garbge most of the time, and it would be nice to climb out of it. I honestly don’t even know what it would look like. I am attempting to be resolute in 2008. We’ll see how it goes. I generally only commit to Lenten life changes, too, but I’ll try for 2008, even if I only get to mid February. Then Lent starts and we’ll make a go again…

    I can’t wait to look at your calendar for dinner ideas! You might start meal trends.

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