New year, new me

I could sit down and write the same post over and over at the beginning of every year.? It even would have the same title.? Of course now that I’ve gone back and read last year’s post I am drawing a total blank at what to write.

I still don’t do resolutions.? Or I do and I just don’t tell anyone.? Much like I don’t really give up anything for Lent.? And even if I did I wouldn’t necessarily tell anyone.? That whole don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

I still look at each year as starting a new book.? See that first fresh clean page and think, this is going to be a whole new set of adventures.? Some good, some bad.? There’s always bad.

My biggest hurdle is getting through January.? I always try to find something to look forward to each January.? Last year we started on the great baby making escapade of 2008.? That worked out well.? Yesterday I threw out 2 bags of Chinese herbs and the trusty husband asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that.? I asked if he wanted to start trying to get pregnant again.? His silent response caused me to pitch the herbs.

This year I haven’t quite found anything to look forward to so I’m working on setting small goals for myself.? Yesterday it was clean out the pantry.? Accomplished.

(With the help of my free latte courtesy of the super fancy coffee maker.? Derek asked why my coffee cup was in the pantry.? I said it was because I was cleaning out the pantry and where else would I keep it.? I mean come on, I have a super fancy coffee maker for a reason.? Then he suggested that he move his office home so he too could have free lattes in the middle of the day.? I promptly kicked him in the shins.)

And so my month will go.? Day to day with little goals thrown in for good measure.? With any luck some of them might even become habits.? I wouldn’t count on it with the attention span issue and all, but one can wish.

My year long goal… it’s my thing and I’m not sharing this year.? However, it should be to get you guys to comment more.? Of course with very few readers these days that’s a little difficult.

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  1. kim says: Reply

    I believe that is one of the best ideas that I have heard in quite some time. To set small goals and then reap the benefits of having accomplished SOMETHING.

    Do you mind if I jump on the bandwagon? I’d like to try this at my house.


  2. Carrie says: Reply

    I’m ready for January to be over too! And February, and March…. Maybe I just need a long vacation to somewhere warm! With Zman out of town all the driveway shoveling is my responsibility and I’m heartily sick of snow right now!!

  3. Sandy says: Reply

    You know there is a recession in the works, right? Maybe that’s why the readership is down.

    (just kidding!)

  4. I find no one is reading blogs anymore. Adoptions have ground to a halt, so those newbies aren’t around. Everyone I read has kids, kinda boring in a weird I want to be an outsider way. Mostly I want to get healthy and I am struggling with it.

    good luck with Jan/Feb. get through, you know you can. pull out all the tricks!

    still reading-J

  5. Joel413 says: Reply

    Well, I tend not to comment as much anymore because it’s always some snarky get under Elle’s skin remark, that I do just because it’s fun and I know you’ll get me back one way or another.

    My new Year’s Resolution, that I’m willing to share is to try and spend more time with the Family Elle this year šŸ™‚ Cause you guys rock! And the boyz seem to like each other, a lot or something.

  6. I’m stealing Joel’s idea. My resolution is to be so fancinating that Elle will want to spend lots of time with me, so she’ll cook for me, and I can hang at her cool house.

  7. Ronda says: Reply

    Hey Elle,

    Hope you’re safe and dry with all the flooding. We’re thinking of you.


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