New round of pet peeves

I’m tired and cranky and really really missing my husband.? I kind a like the big guy and when he’s gone the bed is kind a lonely.? The boy and I have also done way too much staring at each other the last 3 days and it’s getting to both of us*.

This evening I’m going to throw out a few internet related things that irritate the snot out of me.? We’ve already discussed driving habits and what my child does to make my eye twitch, but the following are sure fire things to ensure I never read your blog again.

1) Music.? This is the single most irritating thing you can put on a website.? Especially that sneaky ass music that doesn’t start playing until you scroll down and the player appears on the screen.? That’s just not nice.? And have you noticed that 9 times out of 10 it is Jesus music?? Not that I have anything against Jesus or his brand of music, but conservative Christian pop is just not my bag.

I will admit to having put music on my site, but it only played if you clicked on the player.? That way you had a choice.? I could do it back to you and put up my favorite music, but then you’d know I listen to crap like Eminem and Kanye West.? And we just don’t need that.

2)Flashy shit.? First of all let me start by saying that thank god those damn glitter signatures are gone from message boards… oh wait… I just don’t read message boards anymore.? Either way they were annoying.? Scrolling headers, banners, or flashing things irritate the snot out of me.? I don’t need to go to a website and have a seizure.

3)Low resolution headers.? For the love of pete people if you are going to make your own header learn something about resolution and file size.? There is nothing worse than a fuzzy masthead.

Unless it’s a site with a fuzzy masthead, with a flashy ad and Jesus music all rolled into one.? And oh yes… I’ve seen that.

So tell me, what irritates you most with websites?? And let’s not go to content.? Because frankly if you don’t like the content, you don’t have to read the site.


*If you are wondering who had the “I miss Daddy meltdown first… that would be me.

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  1. Lauri says: Reply

    The music thing bugs me too

  2. Maggie says: Reply

    This may fall in the content category, but I hate it when people post photos and they a) are so big they break the design of the page or b) post captions, but the photos are so scattered it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, and c) post about 30 pictures of their kid that are essentially the same just taken one or two seconds apart. (Unless they’re asking for a vote on the best or something… that’s an exception to the rule.)

  3. Maggie says: Reply

    This is kind of content-related, too, but I utterly hate it when people write in all lowercase letters. Ugh. There are some blogs I read that do this — it’s so annoying/difficult to read, but I like what they have to say so I continue to struggle through it. And don’t get me started on people who end every sentence with an exclamation point.

  4. Liv says: Reply

    Mine is people who write about their pet peeves…. heheee…

    But seriously, the music get on my nerves. I usually have my own music on or the TV so when something starts blaring from my speakers it freaks me out. And then Dani runs over and demands to know what I am watching or listening to, and dammit, that is my personal time.

    I find it ironic that a lot of religious blogs out there tout not allowing television in their homes, yet they use the internet where it is much easier to see and hear damning content.

    *I’m counting down the days to chocolate time!!* Wish I was there to help.

  5. Heidi says: Reply

    The ones with busy backgrounds are SO annoying. Some are so bad you can hardly read the dang blog post.
    Liv, I agree. The same happens to me. The nutty music gets my kids attention and then their crawling on me when I was trying to have ONE quiet moment. My computer is now on mute.
    And, sorry if I annoy anyone on my blog (Maggie, sometimes my pictures are too big and I do over use the !!!).

  6. DebiP says: Reply

    well, I must have something on my blog that annoys you because I don’t even make your blogroll…and you don’t read at my blog, maybe it is my crappy masthead…Oh well ….I abhor music on a blog…I keep my computer sound turned off so that I don’t stumble on it. I can’t stand falling into religious music…

  7. Patti says: Reply

    Sorry you guys are missing Daddy. That makes for some really long days, doesn’t it?

    As far as the bloggy music goes, I always keep my computer muted unless I WANT to hear something. I have no clue who has music and who doesn’t. Makes my blog-reading life a lot less stressful.

    Flashy things give me headaches. I absolutely cannot read with flashy crap going on around me.

    My biggest pet-peeve? Perhaps this is egotistical, but it bugs me. I have readers from all over the globe, even from countries I never knew existed, but only a hand-full of lovely people have ever commented. Honestly I don’t feel I post enough to make my blog very interesting, but I would like to know WHO the hell is reading my dribble. Not that I expect hundreds of comments each time I post, because I really don’t, but at least identify yourselves once in a while. Is that too much to ask? 😉

    And finally, not that this is a pet peeve but I thought I would mention it — I really really love that you referred to Oleg in this post as “my child” as opposed to “the boy.” Just gives your relationship with him a whole new light in my eyes. (“The boy” seems cold to me, but maybe that’s just me?”)

  8. hate hate HATE the music. and the flashy. and the craptastic homemade design is annoying but doesn’t rise to the level of hate (for me).

  9. Elle says: Reply

    I’ve cut back on the number of blogs that I read dramatically. And I never update my blogroll. In fact I had it removed for a while. Either way I apologize.

    Not sure if you’ll believe me or not, but we actually call Oleg “The Boy” when talking to each other or other people. So it really is a true statement. Although when he’s bad he’s Derek’s child.

  10. Trish says: Reply

    I would have to say blogs that post the live traffic feed.

  11. OK…I have to confess, I really hate the music too. It esp. annoys me if I get online at work, click on something and then all of a sudden, I’m all “where’s the mute, QUICK, WHERE’S THE MUTE!!!” At home, my computer usually is already on mute anyway. So, here’s the confession part: I put Christmas music on my blog. I was feeling Christmas-y…what can I say. But, now after reading all your commenters, I think I’ll go change it off the autoplay (assuming I can figure out how…) So…don’t drop by for a bit, OK? I’ve got to figure out how to get that flashing “Jesus” off too. (kidding…)

  12. DebiP says: Reply

    OH Elle I know you love me it’s OK.hehehehe

  13. votemom says: Reply

    yep, don’t like the music. i’m almost always listening to my own stuff.

    i write in all lower-case. sorry.

    i came here from debip’s blog as she mentioned ranting here. so far i haven’t really found a rant from her, guess i’ll have to read more.

    have a good weekend!

  14. Music actually makes me angry. I hate it that much. (Except one person who had Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” – I actually sat through the whole song.) Now I’ve encountered a couple of people who have freaking music VIDEOS that autostart on their blogs. I HATE THAT. They have no stop or pause button. I will never ever visit your blog again if you have that.

    As for more professional sites, I hate when things don’t work. Stupid example – Pizza Hut won’t allow an apostrophe. I live in a subdivision with an ‘s on the end and was trying to put that in the notes field. It wouldn’t allow it. WHAT? Get a real web designer.

  15. I apologize for the GAP music video on my blog that I can’t shut up. At least I linked to the other one. 😉 And at least it’s not Jesus music …

  16. HOWEVER, I finally found a YouTube version and replaced the old high-res version, so it no longer plays automatically. Thank God. (I, too, hate automatic playing music and it pained me to put it there … I practically vomited when I posted TWO of them and they were playing simultaneously … but I really wanted to post one, so bit the pain and played one … but now all is well! Woo hoo!)


  17. Nancy in Redmond, WA says: Reply

    My biggest pet peeve is people who do a black background with white or other brightly colored text, like magenta. It seems to vibrate to my eyes and makes me car sick to read their blog. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I can’t stand to read huge blocks of reverse type. And I keep my speakers turned off at all times because of the sneack attack music on people’s sits. Argh!

  18. Nancy in Redmond, WA says: Reply

    That was supposed to be “sneak attack music on people?s sites”. Sigh.

  19. I too, loathe blogs that play music when you open them up.

    It is like getting smacked in the face.

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