Never thought I’d make it here

There is a sticky note on my right monitor that says “Post #738 will be post #1000.” ?Do you know how long it took me to calculate that number? ?Oh, about 4000 tries. ?The number came out different each time so I finally had to give up and go with one number. ?738.

This is my 738th post at Life of Elle. ?Which means this is my 1000th blog post. ?Are you confused yet? ?I know I am. ?That morning coffee still hasn’t kicked in yet.

I have been blogging since March 2005. ?That’s over 4 years. ?For those of you just catching up the trusty husband and I started a blog called Derek & Lisa’s Adoption Adventure. ?When we lost our first referral we started writing at Unexpected Miracles. ?I wrote Unexpected Miracles and Life of Elle simultaneously for a while.

There are many days that I think I’m going to be finished blogging. ?Most of our “Original 6” no longer blog, or write very infrequently. ?They’ve been able to do what I lack. ?Get away from the computer and spend more time with my family. ?Since my job is basically behind a computer I figure, well… while I’m here… ?Thus Life of Elle still exists. ?But I’m sure you’ve noticed posting is much less frequent than is used to be.

What has 4 years and 1000 posts taught me? ?So much. ?Much more than I ever thought it would. ?When we first started I thought it was a stupid idea. ?Why in the world would people put their personal journal out there for all of the internets to read? ?Moreover, why would people read such a thing? ?I quickly learned the answers to those questions. ?Without my blog I would have not met such wonderful women as yourselves. ?Some I’ve met in person and others I will meet someday. ?You have provided me with laughter, wisdom, support and an ear.

I had planned to make this post somewhat retrospective of the last 1000 posts, but somehow I just don’t have the energy for that. ?This last winter and spring have been particularly tough on me. ?I’ve had a few mental and health challenges that I’m trying to sort out and it’s not the easiest thing in the world. ?In the past I would have turned to this blog for support, but my readership has changed and diminished. ?I don’t want to go back and try to explain the history of my universe again.

I once was a resource for those in the Russian adoption process. ?That has gone by the wayside. ?The process has changed so much that I no longer know the rules of engagement. ?I used to be a humorous pick-me-up to a dull and boring day. ?My funny is all but lost. ?I used to be a voice of the been-there-done-that in the world of the terrible twos. ?My child is now 4 1/2 and is a pretty typical kid.

For now I’ll keep plugging away. ?Maybe I’ll make it to 2000. ?Who knows.

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    Happy 1000 posts. Keep them coming, no matter how sporadically.

  2. Maggie says: Reply

    Yeah. The blog world has changed a lot since our heyday. Even though we’ve kind of splintered in a bloggy way, I’m so glad the Original 6 is still as much of a group as ever. We’ve seen each other through it all, haven’t we?

  3. Lena says: Reply

    Happy 1000th posts!

  4. Lauri says: Reply

    Happy, Happy 1000th post…. that is quite a milestone.. I am proud to be a part of the original six

  5. Carrie says: Reply

    Happy 1000 post!! I love to hear how you are doing and love keeping tabs on your little guy. I’m having an identity crisis with my blog so it’s good to see someone keep going on!

  6. Happy 1000!

  7. the blog world isn’t even close to the same as it was when we all started 4 years ago. I remember there were only a few blogs on adoption…only a few on IF. People were real and accessible. You made friends and people had your back.

    It was worth it all those 1000s of posts though.
    Cheers to you and to 2000 some day!

  8. Charlie says: Reply

    Happy 1000 posts! I love reading your blog and hope you do make it to 2000.

    I started a blog last year and after writing a whole 2 posts, decided I was nowhere near witty, humorous or interesting enough, so I gave it up! So well done to you for the exra 998 – I wish I could do it!

  9. Kim Hartman says: Reply

    Because I am selfish, and because reading your blog is a lot of things to me, uplifting, a reality check, a distant (never actually met) friend who reminds me through her posts that it’s “doing the best for our kids” that makes us great parents..a good laugh, sometimes a good cry…the list would go on for hours..

    I vote for another thousand or so, or whatever makes you happy, Lisa.


  10. Happy 1000th! I’ve been reading your blog for almost 3 years, I think. It was one of the ones I started reading when we were just thinking about adoption — and now we’ve passed our two year gotcha day. I enjoy checking in on you — hope you make it to 2000. ~Rachael

  11. Tricia says: Reply

    I am so impressed that you (and Lauri) continue to blog. I wish I had the motivation. I’m thinking about going private … blogging was much more fun when all of my readers were non-real-life friends. If you know what I mean. We’ll see.

    If we don’t meet in Vegas this summer, I am planning a trip to Portland in October.

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