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Ok Ladies, I’m in need of some beauty advice. ?Today’s topic, foundation.

I have a long history with foundation. ?I’ve tried many a brands, but nowadays there seems to be more and more cropping up. ?I thought I was happy with the foundation that I was wearing, but with the attention span that I have I thought I might try something new. ?I gave up my beloved Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for the Almay Smart Shade. ?That didn’t work so well. ?I didn’t like the fact that it made my face feel sticky. From there I went to Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. That’s ok, but it seems to slide off after a few hours and also my face has been feeling a might greasy by the end of the day. I don’t know if that is heat related or makeup, but today it didn’t break 70 degrees and I’m still a giant grease ball.

In the past I’ve tried Mary Kay Medium Coverage. I liked that, but I’m quite forgetful and often don’t realize I need more makeup until I’m out of it. So ordering was a bit of a problem. I also used Bare Minerals for a while (when you still had to order it over the internet) and I loved that. Then all of a sudden I started getting what looked like giant hives on my face. Burning itching welts. It may be that I was using a new moisturizer or it was the Mary Kay face cleaner I was using or something totally un makeup related, but I quit with everything for a while.

There have been a few other store brands in there, but I’ve lost track of what I’ve tried and not. But here is where I need your help. What is working for you guys? I have slightly oily skin with small breakouts here and there. I have a line across the middle of my forehead that any kind of makeup seems to wedge its way into and make it scream “LOOK! I’m getting OOOOOLD.” I’d like to cover that up a bit. I have dark circles under my eyes. Totally from not sleeping and that getting old thing. I also have a freckled face that I’d like the even the pigmentation of out a bit. Basically, I need a miracle. Help me.

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  1. Margaret says: Reply

    I haven’t worn foundation in over a year. I use a mineral powder and it does the job of both foundation and powder. (I just buy the Revlon brand from the store… not the Bare Minerals stuff.) I love it and have even gotten compliments on my skin since I started using it. So much lighter than foundation!

  2. use concealer for my eyes and stick foundation for my skin. I am really light so I use the lightest possible. I always use bobby brown and it is pricey but last forever! The foundation is in a stick and smooths on, I love this cause it is convenient and not super messy. Good luck.

  3. I use Bare Minerals but am switching over to E.L.F.’s mineral makeup as I run out because it is cheaper and I’m just as happy with it. (

    When I’m in a hurry, I use Physician’s Formula tinted moisturizer which doesn’t smell great but is fast and adequate for just running around.

    Good luck. I hate figuring out foundation – it is an expensive experiment so when I find something I stick with it.

  4. Willow says: Reply

    i cant stand wearing foundation, i dont like feeling something on my skin. but i need something because i have big pores and lots of redness. my skin is also oily AND sensitive (its an awesome combination i just love, ha!)

    here’s what i’ve come to: concealer under the eyes and on my red spots (i use mac) and drug store powder-physicians formula mineral wear talc free face powder (i use my own brush, their’s sucks). thats it. it doesnt make me break out, evens out my skin tone, and takes my shine away when i reapply.

    in the past i’ve used this chanel powder that was AMAZING ($50) double perfection compact. refills are $40. it made me look like i had no pores and even though it was expensive i only bought two a year so it really wasnt that much…if i remember right, i didnt even need to put concealer on the red spots, it was that good.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    I have tried so many foundations to even out my freckled complexion… my fav is Loreal true match.

    Sign up a ” make up alley” and read reviews… this is the best way to find a new product.. I love make up alley

  6. Lauri says: Reply

    Target & most drug stores have a great return policy on cosmetics… even if you have tried them and they are not working for you

  7. Kathou says: Reply

    I dislike foundation and never ever use it unless i’m getting a pro to do my makeup for a special event.

    For everyday I use a little blush and Clinique stick concealer for any blemishes I might have.

  8. Kathou says: Reply

    whoops…. got away from me before I could finish.

    If you know of a skin technician that you trust I would ask her for advice based on your skin without having to buy her product line.

    There’s nothing more frustrating than trying all those products out there until you find the one you like and with my luck they usually are ‘discontinued’ when I go back for more. Good luck!

  9. Heather says: Reply

    The trick is to use the product skin care line from A-Z. They work as a formula and need to be used together from cleanser to moisturizer. If you stick to that, the breakouts/dark circles will take care of themselves. Also are you drinking enough water? Taking your vitamins, getting good nutrition and exercise? These will also help with your sleep and in turn make your skin look better. If you want to try some MK stuff again, let me know and I will order you 2 bottles of stuff. Also maybe just try a little concealer and mineral powder foundation instead of complete coverage foundation. Then sweep your blush along your eyelids as color and finish with mascara & lip gloss. IN the summer light is better anyway. Good Luck!

  10. I’m a mineral powder girl, myself. I really like the Mary Kay mineral foundation powder…it’s light and doesn’t need a ton of reapplication. I usually start with 2 containers of it, and when I start on the second one, I’ll go ahead & reorder from my consultant. That way, I never run out. It’s a good system…at least for me.

  11. Lee says: Reply

    I love Bare Minerals and have used it for years. Once in awhile I get bored, try something else, then regret it. I am intrigued, though, by the Chanel product Willow mentioned. See, I am easily swayed…;)

  12. Tricia says: Reply

    I use powder foundations … but they have to be heavy enough for the coverage but not creamy. I hate that. I used to LOVE L’Oreal’s Dualite in college but they discontinued it in the mid 90s. Then I started using Estee Lauder and Clinique … then I couldn’t afford that as a poor graduate student and used various drug store versions and not being happy about them. About three-four years ago I started using L’Oreal’s AirWear. I think it’s the old Dualite! The only place I could find it was WalMart on the bottom shelf. Well, now it’s discontinued again and I stocked up on eBay. I’m going to buy out my supplier so I don’t have to go another 10 years being unhappy with my foundation.

    I can’t believe you blogged about this because I was just going to do one myself. It’s a traumatic thing!

  13. Jenny M says: Reply

    Bare Minerals. T-Mall has two stores you can get it at, so a return shouldn’t be a problem. I would guess your welts were related to something different. Fine lines are a bit harder to cover with foundation, no matter what. Lots of good lines will give samples if you ask at Nordstrom (Macy’s is terrible about it).

  14. Sandy says: Reply

    I also have that makeup finding its way to the wrinkles problem, and I am too young to be having to deal with that. So, what I do now is Stila tinted moisturizer SPF 15, concealer under eyes and on red spots, Stila loose powder, a little Nars blush and some lip gloss. Eye makeup only on special occasions since I wear glasses. I find the tinted makeup helps even out the skin tone enough that true “foundation” isn’t necessary.

  15. You said you used Mary Kay Medium Coverage before but you forgot your shade. That isn’t a problem, just call up your Beauty Consultant and they can give you a FREE facial and find out your shade again. Many Mary Kay Beauty Consultants like myself keep a record of the shade our clients use, I’m sure your Beauty Consultant has your shade on file. If you liked a foundation keep to it, so that you can prevent what happened with you before. Like when you got the hives from the other brand you use. If you have further question, I do free consultation, you can reach me at

  16. Kami says: Reply

    Ditto on the Bare Minerals!

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