Naughty Dog

It has been a while since I updated everyone on that 4 legged creature that lives in our house. ?It is strange only having one pet, but at the same time it is utterly exhausting. ?When we picked the dog’s name we had no clue how terribly fitting it would be. ?Busy is an understatement. ?The trusty husband took this dog to the off leash park for over an hour and walked her and she still had energy to spare.

The dog has so much energy she is using it in rather constructive ways. ?Such things include digging large holes, getting very close to jump over the 5′ high back chain-link fence, ripping the plastic slats out of said fence, figuring out how to open the back gate, figuring out how to open drawers, figuring out how to open the garbage can, counter surfing and chewing up things such as pin cushions.

It is a good thing that God made puppies so cute. ?Otherwise you’d try to kill them. ?While Busy is busy she is still cute and we still love her… we just spray garbage with bitter spray and employ a hefty dose of dog and cat repellent. ?Our backyard may smell like garlic, but it’s better than the holes.

To be honest, she is a very well behaved dog, she’s just slightly naughty. ?It comes with the territory of having a boxer puppy.

Did I mention she’ll be 1 year old on Friday? ?The boy thinks we should throw her a birthday party complete with cake.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Well… mom’s heading to the bookstore. While I was enjoying myself a good book, dinner seemed a good idea too. Headed to Happy T only to come home to a paper shredding mill. (sigh) Drowning Ruth never made it to the lake! πŸ™
    Happy Birthday Busy! I love you and Tucker! (lucky for the twos of you)

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    Buster sends his regards to Busy! I don’t know who is more destructive around our house, Buster the 6 month old Boxer, or the three boys ages 7, 4 and 4! All I can say is that they were made for each other, the four of them!

  3. Auntie G says: Reply

    I say have the party for Busy…cake included.

  4. Jenny M says: Reply

    This cracks me up. Sounds like Danica for the first seven years πŸ™‚ She wasn’t super distructive, just terrible annoying. At one year old, about three hours a day of exercise would just about do it for Danica.

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