My sister

I have a sister. Not sure if I mentioned that one before. Ok, I mentioned I had an 8 year old sister, but this is not the sister I am talking about. This sister is going to be 25 this year. Damn I feel old. Anyway, I haven’t spoken to her in about 4 or 5 years.

She actually was my step sister. Her dad married my mom when I was 10. She came to live with us when she was 6. When I was 22 my mom divorced her dad and fought for custody of her. My mom won. Not long after that my sister moved out of the house to live with her boyfriend. I lived in Kansas at the time so I am not exactly sure surrounding the circumstances on that one. Our family never attended her high school graduation. A few years later she contacted my mom and apologized. Soon after that she moved back in with my mom. A while later she up and moved out again. That was the last we saw of her. My mom and I have always wondered what happened to her. Was she ok, is she safe, where was she living.

Recently my sister decided to contact my mom again. She sent her a card saying she was sorry for hurting her. She has made a good life for herself. She lives in Portland, OR. She is a real estate broker and living with a very nice man. (I haven’t met the guy yet, but this is what she says) Anyway, my mother was elated! She wrote my sister back and they have been in communication for a few days now. My mom called Wednesday to tell me all of this was happening.

It is so ironic that my sister decided to contact my mom when she did. I was driving home the other day and thought it would really be nice to have her around to talk to. I missed her.

I mulled over writing her for a few days. I finally sat down today and sent her an email. I told her that I was glad she contacted mom and was happy that she was doing well. I told her she was going to be an aunt and sent a photo of A. Within an hour I got a response back. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it was to hear from her.

She and I had always had a fairly good relationship. We fought like crazy. Like me holding her down and beating her with a piece of kindling. Or her stealing things from my room or telling mom things I was doing that I really shouldn’t have been doing. But what siblings don’t fight. I always had someone to talk to in my sister. I always tried to look out for her.

So tomorrow she and her boyfriend are supposed to be driving up to our area to visit. It will have to be a short visit. Unfortunately D and I have tickets to go see the Seattle Thunderbirds. (hockey team) and the tickets were a Christmas gift from a friend, so I can’t cut out on this one.

I am excited to see her, but cautious. I have missed her so much and don’t want to lose her again. I want A to have his fun little auntie. Mostly I want my sister to talk to. Somehow you just can’t call up an 8 year old and complain about your job or a foreign government. Wish me luck all. I’ll let you know all about it.

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  1. bethee says: Reply

    I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to read all about it!!

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    This is wonderful news and so very interesting that you are both within driving distance of one another. It’s a small world!

  3. Rhonda says: Reply

    So glad to hear you have communication back with your sis. I have a brother like that…always wondering where he is and how he’s doing. Last year he got back into contact with all of us. Something about that just feels complete. What perfect timing, with the adoption news and everything.

  4. jeneflower says: Reply

    I loved your 100 things about yourself list. It was very enlightening. You want to come over and organize my house (just kidding). I didn’t know you did artistic photos. You should post some of them so we can all see your work.

    I hope you can remain in contact with your sister, although she seems to have some strange issues. You may feel like your family is weird, but at least you didn’t have 8 brothers and sisters who were forced to wear matching striped shirts to Disney Land (this was my family).

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