My secret surprise

I bet you thought me packing up and moving to a new site was my secret surprise…  Ahhh think again!  I wrote the weekly update last week and I just made the decision to move this morning.  Yes, I designed a new blog and moved all my posts before lunch this morning.  Call me crazy, but I thought it would be fun.  Much of it has to do with my avoidance of anything remotely related to preparing to leave the country.

No. The big surprise is that I actually got my hair cut today.  If you may recall it has been since May 2005, you read that right 2005, since I last had my hair cut.  For a while it was a money issue.  I have gone to the same lady for the last 14 years and I pay her $25 to cut my hair.  I am sure some of you pay more for a haircut and I am sure many more of you pay a whole lot less, but for the longest time $25 was just a little more than I was willing to spend.  Of course I could have paid less and gone somewhere else, but this lady really knows my funky hair.

I figured while I am at it I would treat myself to a little pampering.  I got it highlighted too.  I have not colored my hair in years.  Jake pick your chin up off the table.  Yes, those photos in the video are of my natural hair color (right after I had it cut last time.)  I have awesome trendy blond highlights now.  That and my fancy new glasses are giving me a bit of a personal boost right about now.  I looked in the mirror and finally felt my age!

I would post a photo, but I tried to take one of myself and it just wasn’t pretty.  You will just have to trust me on this one.  Maybe you will be lucky and a random photo will show up in Act 2 of D & Elle’s Khabarovsk Adventure. 


*I apologize for any spelling mistakes.  I have yet to figure out something as simple as spell check on this new fangled blog. 

 ** Sorry about the comments too.  I think I have it fixed now.  Comment away or run the risk of me whoring for future comments.

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