My Little Piggy

Last weekend we were able to get out and enjoy the sunny weather. ?We took Busy for a walk at Chambers Bay and the sun was just starting to set (at all of 3:30 in the afternoon). ?By the time we got to the half way point of our 2 1/2 ?mile walk we stopped and I snapped a few photos of Busy. ?Thought I’d share my pretty girl with you.



Life with a gigantic puppy is going along rather well. She now sleeps in her kennel all night long with little troubles and no accidents. The last straw to the kennel training was the 6 nights in a row waking up to let her out at 2 a.m. and finding poop everywhere or letting her out at 2 a.m. for her to not really do anything then come back into the house, let us get almost asleep and then having her come back in our room to indicate that she had indeed pooped all over the house. Kennel training was like ripping off a bandaid. We threw her in there (with a few toys and a blanket) shut the kennel door, shut the family room door and ignored her. The first night I got up and put her out at 3 a.m., but after that she’s gone the whole night without much of a fuss. Now she still has a tendency to pee on the boy’s carpet. The dog is basically not allowed anywhere near carpet anymore.

One cat has pretty much adjusted to the dog. The other cat can’t leave well enough alone and the dog has yet to learn. If Busy comes within 10 feet of Julius (aka dumb) he growls at the dog. No amount of growling, claws out swatting or cat dying screeching will deter this dog or the cat. The cat is now taking his frustrations out on us and scratched the trusty husband this evening. He is old and we are cutting him major slack, but if he does it again I’m throwing him out in the rain. That’ll learn em.

The boy-dog relationship is also improving, but there is still the cycle of hyper and screeching that drives me batshit crazy.

And now I’ve gone from the crazy cat lady to the crazy dog lady. ?Hey, I was just here to show you photos. ?YOU’RE the one that kept reading.

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  1. I don’t know why, but your feeds haven’t been showing up in my bloglines all month (and I’m slow to catch on apparently.)

    Your puppy is SO cute. Love the pics!

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