My husband went to Minnesota and all I got was this awesome t-shirt

Our last day trusty husbandless concluded with:

one mama giving in when the boy asked for “kicken and fries” for dinner
one little boy dripping orange drink all over the wood floors and a mama who is slightly annoyed that the floor is sticky, but doing nothing about it.
one boy fascinated by the escalator and elevator at the airport
one smiling trusty husband as he hugged his little boy

Simply priceless.

In the car on the way home the husband said he brought presents. From the back seat we hear, “happy birthday!” We asked him happy birthday who? “me”

The trusty husband did his “I was gone on a business trip so didn’t have time to do proper shopping” at the airport. That’s ok, because he made up for it by buying both the boy and I Minnesota Gopher t-shirts. If you know me well you know that I am a huge Golden Gopher fan.

During the NHL lockout I was relegated to watching college hockey on TV. This was far superior to stalking local ice rinks to watch pee-wee. Didn’t want to be thought of as a child stalker or anything… So our cable network happens to pick up Fox College Sports and most Gopher hockey games are televised. One thing I love about the midwest. Priorities man. Anyway… I became a big Gopher fan. Given the choice between Wild tickets and Gopher tickets I would pick the Gophers any day. That is of course unless the Wild were playing the Canucks and even then it would have to be playoffs or cup time.

So welcome home trusty husband. Pardon me while I finish this 1/2 jug of wine.

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  1. Maggie says: Reply

    Yay! D’s home. I’m leaving for the airport in 2 hours. Eek! I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday.

  2. Oh so happy you are back to a 2 parent household! Maybe I should tell Steve to bring me a t-shirt when he comes? lol

  3. Jenny says: Reply

    Sounds like someone deserves a little “me” time this weekend?

  4. So glad that he is home!

  5. Rhonda says: Reply

    Welcome home D!

  6. Jessica says: Reply

    Whew! I’m sure glad you clarified who the gophers were! I didn’t think you had a small, fuzzy rodent thing going on, but you never know….

    I’m glad D is home! Go take a long bubble bath – at a hotel! 🙂 Maybe he can spell you for an entire day, and you can go play? After all, he just had an entire week of playing (even though he calls it work)!

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