My first vlog

Apparently all the cool kids are doing this these days.

Watch my hair slowly deteriorate.

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  1. I had to look up “vlog,” having never heard the term before. Unfortunately, I can’t see anything; then again, my connection keeps dropping today, so it’s probably my computer. I’ll check back!

  2. Kris says: Reply

    I have lurked here since before you brought the boy home, and I’ve got to say that was probably the best post ever (plus we got to see LIVE. ACTION. TRUSTY-FAMILY!!). In honour (notice that extra U in there – yes I am Canadian), In honour of your first ever Vblog I actually turned the sound back up on my work computer, shut my office door and watched. This was great. Thank you so much for doing it. And your son is super cute (not that you didn’t know that but I felt the need to reinforce).

    I do have to say that my favourite part was you explaining ‘that day’ and in the background there goes your trusty father-in-law with a ladder, and then your trusty-mother-in-law with the broom. Talk about a great ‘action’ sequence! 🙂 (apparently you aren’t the only person addicted to air quotes).

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    Ok you are too cute…like the hair and the boy is as always perfect…looks like your first volg is a a success…

  4. It finally worked for me, and wow! That’s a lot of fun! And I like the new paint colors in your house!

  5. Elle says: Reply

    new paint colors?! Only the bedroom and “yellow” family room have changed since you were here last, Jake.

  6. Carrie says: Reply

    Love it! But I don’t think I’ll be giving any virtual tours of my Casa De La Disaster Area any time soon! Love you house. It looks like just the right size for a family of 3. Any bigger and you’d spend all your time cleaning. (That is also true if you have any more children!)

  7. Lauri says: Reply

    I am totally doing a vlog once our family room is complete… But I will be the camera girl & let Livi give the tour… love that idea.. I love Oleg’s art corner

  8. Jenny says: Reply

    Nice. Your hair is soo curly!

    Oleg is just too much. He is gorgeous and has alot of energy.

    Congrats on the play structure!

    I don’t think I can do it….great great post!

  9. mom says: Reply

    That was a fun post!

  10. Okay, you have me laughing SO HARD when you opened up your package. When I was working out tonight I was wondering how it was going for you. How’s it going for you?

    Cute vlog. Cute Elle. A vlog is not an adventure I will be embarking on anytime soon, but I do look forward to seeing more of yours.

  11. Lena says: Reply

    And now we’ll never get the child to join us on a playdate since the grandparents has the coolest play structure of them all…

  12. Your kiddo is adorable. LOVE the art corner and family photo wall.

  13. kim says: Reply

    I would louvre to see it…..can’t get it to load!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr

  14. Lauren says: Reply

    Sorry but I can’t see it to be able to leave a proper comment. 🙂

  15. […] I painted that mural.? It is a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tree of Life.? I love Frank Lloyd Wright.? I painted that sucker with a tiny little 1/2″ brush because the wall texture is such that I couldn’t tape it.? It took me 2 years to paint.? I finished it when we repainted the room and when I pulled the tape off the outside edges it pulled off the brown paint and I’m out of brown paint to fix it.? It is smack in the middle of the wall and just as you walk into the room.? The above photo was taken from the doorway into the rest of the house.? (you can see what the room looks like if you watch my first vlog). […]

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