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My Christmas stocking held a beautiful little gift from “Santa.”? Most girls would die for a diamond ring (have 2) or some other little box holding a sparkly of sorts.? Not this girl… ok, yes, I would like a pair of diamond earrings.? But my trusty husband put an iTunes gift card in my stocking.

I love gift cards.? They are like little treasures to me.? I hoard them.? Except Starbucks cards.? I open that envelope and jump in the car.? And leave my family at home.? MINE!? Not your coffee!

Mmmmm Coffee…

(stop that lady, your butt does not need that Caramel Macchiato, even if it is soy)

Oh right, iTunes.? So the problem is that the card is $15.? Not enough to buy two whole CDs.? Also, I don’t listen to the radio so I have no clue what music is new.? The closest I come to that is music on my digital cable box and whatever they play on Grey’s Anatomy.

However, I am a rock star when it comes to finding new artists on iTunes.? I had the Colbie Callait CD looooong before she was popular.

I am horribly particular when it comes to music.? I like a few select bands and will buy every CD they have ever made.? Trouble is, with my lack of knowledge of new music and selective taste I am finding it hard to spend my precious $15.

I really would like the debut Cake album (released in 1993).? The only album I don’t own.? Shame on me. ? But they also have a new B Sides and Rarities out that I want.? There are a bunch of single songs from various artists that I would like.? There are a few Feist, Corine Bailey Rae and Rilo Kiley songs I want.? Too much music and not enough money.? I feel the need to make the most of this gift.? Like every other gift card given to me.

So does anyone have any suggestions?? I’m the Cake, U2, Dave Matthew’s Band, John Mayer, Alanis Morrisette, Jack Johnson, Teddy Gieger, Beastie Boys kinda girl, but I’m willing to try something new.? My iPod will thank you for it.? It’s been stuck on Barenaked Ladies for weeks.

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    God, then you won’t want my music recommendations. I’m a music dork. Not a geek who likes all these indie/unknown coolness stuff. Dork. John Denver. Neil Diamond. Dolly Parton. Carter/Cash. Jimmy Buffett.

    But perhaps some Robbie Williams? UK artist. Miss L (the other one) has some of his stuff.

  2. Kathou says: Reply

    Daughtry. This album is very good and has become one of my favorites.

  3. mom says: Reply

    Saw Daughtry in concert and he’s awesome not to mention ooo laa laa!

  4. Lena says: Reply

    I second Jenny’s suggestion of Robbie Williams.

    He’s good, got some funky lyrics and is a die-hard fan of his beloved England to the point he may consider canceling concerts if England loses.

    “Life thru a lens” and “Intensive Care” are Robbie’s albums which I have.

    Otherwise my suggestions may send you back running to the boonies – me loves my country music: Tim & Faith, Kenny Chesney, but I have been thinking about Daughtry for a while … just haven’t had money on iTunes for a while.

  5. I got a few for you and I’ll even send you a copies of the CDs…I am a music junkie and very anal with my collection: James Morrison, Keane, Paolo Nutini…and a few others i have to dig up. Let me know if you’re interested!

  6. Another music dork here. I’m stuck in the 80’s with an occasional trip to the 70’s or 50’s thrown in. I couldn’t name a band currently playing on the radio with a gun held to my head.

  7. Lauri says: Reply

    Justin Timberlake always gets me going when I am working out.. I need to buy that CD, I love Micheal Buble & Alicia keys too

  8. Lena says: Reply

    Ooh, wait, I’ve heard about Paolo Nutini – also a British guy – it’s a good thing my trusty husband has a very wide musical taste.

    Good luck spending your money!

  9. joel.larson says: Reply

    Didn’t Britney Spears just release a new album? (j/k)

    You know you could look for one of those iTunes compilation lists, where people make their own playlists and then you can buy those.. like a mix tape!

  10. joel.larson says: Reply

    In Russia, comments moderate you!

  11. NEAL says: Reply

    Gosh, I’m so more outta it than you. (Tacoma)chickadee would be SO much more helpful right now.

    THOUGH you could cruise your i-thingy for partial albums and use the “complete this album” feature.

    You could beat him over the head for $5, to get two complete CDs as well.

    In Russia, card gifts you.

  12. Kim says: Reply

    Ohhh we have the exact same taste!

    Dan Wilson’s debut CD. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  13. Willow says: Reply

    Brandy Carlisle-The Story f-ing awesome!!
    Kaiser Chiefs-yours truely angry mob
    The Fray-How to save a life
    Amy Winehouse-Frank (awseome) Back to Black (almost as awesome) she is messed up but so were jimmy and janice)
    Death Cab For Cutie-Plans- I can’t stop playing this one, even after I take a break

  14. Elle says: Reply

    I have the Fray, and All the good Winehouse songs. I listened to Daughtry, hated it. I can’t stand country!

    Justin Timberlake is a running joke in our house so I think I might be kicked out if I even considered buying that.

    I would like to give Nutini a try and a few other indie Brits.

  15. I’m sending you tons of Brits. I’m all about Brits…I love Brits. Need Brits…

  16. Loren says: Reply

    First time reader – we have the same musical taste. I love Better Than Ezra. Their most recent CD (a year or so old) is fantastic start to finish.

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