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I would really like to let this little feminism scenario play out for a bit, but I can seeing it degrade from the original topic of food. Besides, I’m working up the courage for a real feminist debate. Let’s just say I have a view that not many of you will agree with. Thus working up the courage.

In the mean time, I’ve come to realize that my initial glee in my child’s upcoming 3rd birthday is fleeting. You see… I was all ready to be done with 2. Not that the boy was all that bad, but 2 is just not that much fun. Ok, It’s great fun if you like having a little shadow who constantly screams and whines. Much of that was because of a lack of communication skills. The boy has now developed the full sentence capacity and uses them at every given opportunity. He’s funny like that. Talking and all. I knew I was in trouble when his first full sentence was, “No Na-Na! Get your own toy.” Said to Kathou’s Chickadee.

Now that 3 is approaching I am getting frightened. Once again I had the, “oh, my kid won’t be like that” syndrome. Ummm… sure. As I am currently hearing him get reprimanded for making long distance calls to China on my cell phone. Niiiiice.

What kills me is not only are the tantrums irritating, but he does the throw himself on the floor and flail about like a wet noodle thing. “Boy, I said pick up your toys.” “NO!” *screaming and thrashing ensue* Or the always popular,

Elle: “Let’s go change your diaper” (no, not potty trained yet)
Boy: “No! All done Diapeeeeeee.”
Elle: “Ok, then if you are all done Diapee then you will have to go on the potty.”
Boy: “No! All done potteeee”
Elle: “Let’s go change your diaper.”
Boy: Now screaming and looking a little posessed “No Diapeeeeeee, No potteeeee!”

I can’t win.? I’m thinking that if I just close my eyes long enough I’ll open them to a manageable 14 year old boy.? I can handle a teenager.? (No, I’m not crazy)

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  1. Yes the full sentences were what I wished for too but I have long since rethunkit. I am also changing my name from Mama to something but haven’t figured it out yet.

    Diapers and potty training just stink, literally.


  2. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be having this very conversation with my husband … when he’s 80. The cycle of life……

  3. Aha! Just what I have to look forward to, right?! We’re not even to 2, and you are scaring me! But I came up with an idea: you send me Oleg now…I’ll love on him a while & handle his tantrums, etc….then when he & Iliya become teenagers, I’ll ship them back to you. How’s that for a deal?

  4. DebiP says: Reply

    I love that Griff now talks in full sentences too and the running commentary can stop any time now…I am fully aware of what the hell I am doing…but have I told you lately that he IS FULLY trained…he even woke up last night in the middle of the night with ..”dad I have to go peeeee” DH looked at me and I said..’he did say dad’…and he did go pee in the toilet..and I am so happy he said dad at 3 AM…

  5. Oh how I wished for 3, also.

    Now I know, it’s just a different kind of insanity….

    The tantrums happen occasionally, still (especially in times of exhaustion), but for us, 3 has been the obnoxious stage. You know, when they just sit there and do things to ANNOY the hell out of you? (or the baby brothers).

    and the “why?”

    Everything is Why. She did it some at 2, but on her 3rd birthday, it really began. Now, every sentence I say is followed by “Why?” from the girl’s mouth. Even if it makes absolutely no sense to ask why….
    Even if I told her why in my sentence…

    “Pick that ring up off the floor and put it away so your brothers don’t put it in their mouth?”

    “I don’t want you to fall, hold the rail when you are walking on these wet stairs”

    “Are you hungry?”
    “Okay, let’s eat”


    I’m interested in what 4 brings… (Weird to think we’re closer to 4 than 3 now!)

  6. Lena says: Reply

    Oh Elle, every year has it’s own highs and lows … I think my first run with 2-year-old as in “terrible twos” lasted well into the four.

    Now, I’ve been dealing with moody almost 5-year-old all summer long with the occasional door slamming, yelling and “don’t talk to me” screams. At least 2-year-old I could stick in his room for naptime, almost 5-year-old, fat chance of that happening unless he’s buckled up in the car on the way home from a playdate.

    I’m counting the days until preschool starts again, then at least I get a few hours reprive from moody 5-year-old and only get to deal with blonde princess almost 3 tantrums… oh the joy!

    PS. DebiP’s comment about potty and in the middle of the night, priceless and oh-so-hysterical, we moms live for those moments.

  7. Dana says: Reply

    Everyone remember that she said she can handle teenagers. We’ll remind you in twelve years and see what you have to say then. 🙂

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