Movin’ on Up

Packing schmacking!! Sure I should be doing all kinds of things right about now, but here I sit. Still in front of my computer.

Caroline intrigued me with this whole WordPress thing. You see… I am on a quest to find a free blogging service that 1. allows me to update my template and 2. has categories. I thought I had found it in WordPress. But alas… you cannot change the template in any way shape or form. You know that just won’t do. Standard templates are boring. And I am certainly not boring.

So, with a little more searching I found what I think may turn into the holy grail of blogging. Wordsome. This little gem is powered by WordPress, but it has all the features that a blog nerd like me lives for. I can customized my template, I can add categories and if you have the patience the dashboard is relatively easy to figure out. I will say that customizing the template is slightly tricky because they put the code into 4 different pages. Talk about confusing.

So my bloggy friends… I am going to pack up and temporarily move. You can now find me at my new home. Still Life of Elle, just a new host. I’ll leave my blogger site up for now. Just in case that whole Wordsome thing doesn’t work out. Besides… all the links in the posts link back here.

Sorry I keep moving things around on everyone. Just like to keep you on your toes.

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  1. Jessica says: Reply

    I like the new place, but when I tried to post a comment, it didn’t post anything. Maybe it’s a delayed thing? Also, I don’t like having to sign in with my (junk) e-mail address. Maybe I’m just crotchety today…?

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