Mother Nature’s cruel joke

It is very sad when you measure rain in # of days and sunshine in # of hours. We ended up having something like 27-30 straight days of rain. We were watching the news last night and the weather guy said that we had 30 straight hours of sun (or clear sky) How sad is that?

Yesterday was the nicest day we had in a long time. I mean beautiful! I opened the sunroof on my car (all the way), wore my sandals (albeit with socks) and thought damn this is nice. Of course yesterday was my afternoon at the church. So I spent the beautiful day indoors.

The weatherman also predicted it was going to rain today (my day off), but it wouldn’t start until the afternoon. So I do my usual routine of email, blogs, shower, etc. and I have the intent of going outside to take care of a few weeds in my garden. I go out side, grab my tools and start hacking the heads off of ugly weeds. And what happens? No more than 2 minutes into my fun it starts raining. Ok, I am from the Northwest, I can handle a little sprinkle. I keep working. It starts to rain harder. It now becomes decision time. Do I throw on all the rain gear and keep working or do I pack it in and go in my warm house?

Well, I am sitting at the computer so you can guess what I did. All I want to do is pull some weeds so I don’t look like the neighborhood embarrassment. Well, if you saw my yard you wouldn’t call it that, but most of my neighbors know I am a horticulturalist. How bad is it for a plant person to have a crappy garden? I mean come on, I have a reputation to uphold here. I can’t let the little old ladies that walk by and say things like, "oh look at that garden, she isn’t going to have anything in that flower bed come winter. She planted all deciduous plants." HA ladies you are WRONG!!! There is something in that bed!! WEEDS!! I win I win. Ok, bad example.

So here I sit. And by my calculation it is 11:16 am and that is definitely not afternoon. Walter the Weather guy – you were WRONG!

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