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Thank you for all of your support and stories about the girlie parts.? It isn’t something I like to write about because it’s personal and well… I have a few male readers.? I like to write to a broad audience and not make anyone want to wash their brains when they are through.? Mostly because I know how hard a good brain scrubbing is.? Kinda like trying to erase the thought of your parents having sex.? Ewww.

I also wanted to thank you guys for your advice.? Trust me I’ve tried them all. To this date I’ve tried: Tylenol, ibuprofen, Naproxen, prescription strength ibuprofen, hot water bottles, hot pads (I laid on one set on high all night and I think I cooked my insides), Tylenol with C0dine, Vic0din, Perc0cet, muscle relaxers and any other drug I could get my hands on.? The next step is Delaud1d? (but that one’s just for fun.? Kidding.)? My OB/Gyn is awesome.? In fact, we call him Dr. Awesome.? He’s the 3rd OB I’ve been to in town.? I love him and he will listen if I tell him how bad it is.? But for now I’m doing ok.? Ibuprofen is working.? I’m still scared, but managing.

Doctors and my acupuncturist agree that the pain is from a combo of endomitriosis and the fibroids.? The over all pain is the endo, but I get shooting pains in specific spots and those are the fibroids.? I hadn’t had the shooting pains for about a year after my surgery, but last year some of that came back.? There is a slight one on my right side (where the big tumor was) and another one on the left.? The right side is complicated with the fact that some scar tissue has grown in there.? I can’t lay on my right side without a pulling sensation and the intense urge to pee.? That can’t be good.? Dr. Awesome said he can fix it and my scar with more surgery, but at this point is is simply elective and not worth the pain and expense.? I said he could fix it if I every got pregnant after the C-section.? I’m not a candidate for the good ol’ fashioned way with how my previous surgery was performed.

For now (or as of this moment) I’ve found a happy medium in my pain tolerance.

And Noreen… yes a puck off the toe.? And the toe of my skates is very strong fiberglass.? It was a slap shot and I was 3 feet in front of the guy.? Excellent defensive move, but damn if that didn’t hurt.? Almost as good as the time I guarded a puck against the boards with my body and pulled a hamstring in the process.? I may or may not have been kicked in the head too.? Or the time my coach ran full speed straight into me.? That one hurt.? Or the time I couldn’t stop and ran into the boards… why do I like to play hockey again?

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  1. joel.larson says: Reply

    Yay, first post!… I mean. I wish I had something to say her, but I have no idea what you are talking about because I didn’t get past “3 male readers stop reading here”

    So if I had to say something, I would say… That sucks, and I wish I only knew where to begin sympathizing.

  2. Why do you play hockey? Ok, so I’m behind on my blog reading, but that really sucks! I hope the acupuncture will continue to help, and maybe the OB will be able to work with the acupuncturist to attack the problems from both sides?

  3. Somebody left a website comment on my blog that you might like to check out. It looked interesting to me. It is

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  5. Well I hope that everything goes well and I’m sorry about your surgery. I wish that the doctors could have just fixed it in the first place so that you wouldn’t have to live like this for now. I guess it will help you want a baby sooner so that you can get that c-section! lol…

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