More blog prettiness

I haven?t been doing a ton of designs lately because I thought I would branch out and design a WordPress site for someone else. Of course the WordPress site I did was actually a Blogsome site and that takes a little more time. One would think that fewer files would be easier. Ok, fine. I won?t bore you with website code crap. Needless to say since I got my fancy new pen tablet creating graphics is getting much easier and faster! Thus my endless need to have things just so. I piddle around, change this, move that, it gets kinda time consuming.

In the mean time my “clients” are wonderfully patient people. I also realized that I haven?t directed you to any of the sites I have finished recently. And since the blogroll is one big list of blogs and not the quippy little categories I got complaints about you can?t tell who has fancy new Elle blogs. So here is the full list just because I know you want to tell me how pretty they are:

Russian Adoption DVA

The Open Window

The Road Home

Leap of Faith

The Russian Roman

Rhyne &Jake

Our Kazakh Cutie &Russian Beauty *NEW*

The Next Step

Protesting Stupidity

Olive You (Christen?s fancy new Blogsome Blog!)

I?ve also done designs for Rhonda, Jenny, Jen and a few others, but those designs aren?t necessarily active at the moment. And yes, I do have emails sitting in my box for new designs. I am working on some and will get to the others. As always if you want a design just email me. It may take some time, but I eventually get to everyone.

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