More Birthdays

Which one do you want first?  The one where I read an email first thing in the morning and it makes my head hurt because I haven’t had coffee yet or the one that makes my head hurt all the time because it is reality?  We’ll go with the all the time hurty and end on a good note.

Mom is not doing that great at the moment.  This is only (we hope) a temporary set-back.  She finished her radiation treatment on December 23rd, but the residual effects irradiating a brain last for weeks longer.  We’re coming up against the side effects now.  Her brain is doing a little swelling and it is causing some issues.  I only saw and talked to her briefly last night and she was sooo tired.  Granted she had just spent 4 1/2 hours at the ER getting an intestinal issue taken care of, but still.  It’s kind of like talking with a stroke patient.  The swelling is causing muscle weakness on one side so her face is slightly droopy and her words are slurred.  She started on steroids last night to help the swelling so we are hoping that will bring her back around soon.  She also started phase 2 of chemo treatments on the 24th of January.  She had to start them while she was on vacation in California, but she was at my sister-in-law’s house so it wasn’t all bad.  We are going back today to spend the afternoon with them so Dad can get some errands done.  She is very excited to spend a little time with her grandson.  Her grandchildren always perk her up.  Kids are good therapy.  We’ll take some movies and books and have a nice quiet afternoon.  With any luck the new medicine will kick in and she’ll be feeling a little better.

All of this is difficult.  Cancer in general sucks, but this particular cancer is especially grueling.  I’ve had a difficult time coming to grips with losing part of my mom and set-backs like this, even though temporary, are a stark reminder of the road ahead.  However, she is still in the early phases of treatment and recovery (if you want to call it recovery) and hopefully as time goes on the effects of the radiation will wear off and her monthly chemo treatments will be a breeze.

One more thing… Today is World Cancer Day.  The UICC is encouraging everyone to sign a declaration that will be sent to world leaders at the UN Summit in September 2011.  And as you know, the American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of birthdays.  We were lucky enough to get to celebrate mom’s birthday in 2010.  I want to celebrate it again this year.

Onto the good news.  This morning I woke up to this email:

My dear Lisa, today have received money. Natasha will go on  Saturday to buy all for the large room, where children play: furniture, large carpet, toys and gifts for children. These gifts will entrust on their Birthday, and as new clothes and footwear. When Natasha will buy it, we shall photograph all purchases and we shall send you with the report. I am very glad, that have received money, now I shall be glad when all we shall buy also I shall see the joyful persons of children.

Trying to read Galina before my morning coffee is never easy.  However, I did understand this one.  They got the money!  Yes, it took longer to send and receive the money than usual, but this year… the children get birthdays.

More and More Birthdays.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    We’re thinking of the Lindholm family on a daily basis. Visiting brings joy and hopefully makes Bev feel better. 🙂
    Also on a happy note… Yay for our faraway babes!

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