I know others have written about the joys of mommybrain and I thought I would be no exception. Iv?e been at this mommy thing for a little over a month now and my brain is rapidly deteriorating to an equivalent of my 2 year old. Let?s look at some examples shall we?

Exhibit 1:

I repeatedly forget to do up a onesie. Often times I hear, “uh elle? the onesie.” right.

Exhibit 2:

I am no longer allowed to go to any store without a list. This isn?t really different than my usual stupidity, but now if I could just remember where I put that damn list.

Exhibit 3:

I wrote myself a note in crayon to remember to feed the cats. Normally it is CS?s job to feed the cats, but since our morning schedule has changed he too forgets. I am pretty sure that on most days he remembers to feed them but it is a good possibility that the last time they got fed was somewhere around last tuesday.

There are all kinds of things along these lines that have been amplified since the boy came home, but somehow I can?t seem to remember them all. Imagine that.

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