Mommy, you’re breaking our house!

Our home was built in 1964.? We thought it wouldn’t be so bad.? It wasn’t like we were buying the 100+ year old homes on the north slope of Tacoma.? At least it had somewhat up to date wiring and new windows.? We thought that the problems with the home went as far as cosmetic.? We repainted every surface.? Ripped out all the carpet and refinished the beautiful hardwoods, replaced carpet in the bedrooms and tried to maintain our home as best possible.? Sure, the roof leaks a little, but we are aware and have tried to repair it to the best of our ability.? Moving on.

The previous owner of our home was a bit of a dumbass.? I’ve expressed my dislike for the guy on numerous occasions so I won’t rehash it now.? But our latest discovery has me wanting to hunt him down and kick him square in the nuts.? You see… our home has 2 very large patios (great for entertaining).? The front one was poured correctly.? The back one… not so much.? It is poured at the same level as the top of our foundation which meant the siding basically sat on top of the patio.? Wood+Concrete+Washington rain+short eaves=$$$.

We noticed our siding looked a little funny a few months ago and on Saturday afternoon we stopped buy the local lumber store to see how much replacement siding would be.? We went home and measured and figured it wouldn’t be that much to replace the pieces that were damaged.? I sent the trusty husband back to purchase what we needed and then proceeded to pull off the damaged siding.? With the first piece the boy looked at it and said, “Mommy, you’re breaking our house!”? Within 5 minutes I was calling him to pick up some sheathing too.? The damage was a little more than we originally anticipated.? Little did that child know how much I would be breaking our house.

I had grand plans of having fun this holiday weekend.? Instead I spent it crying, shelling out money and inhaling lord only knows what kind of fungus and mold (yes, we wore masks for the most part).

We had 3 studs that were no longer attached to the sill plate.? Mostly because the sill plate from the slider to the corner of the house also didn’t exist.? The shear will of God was holding up the corner of our house.? Years ago some kind of bug had built a nest in the insulation.? There was this weird yellow/orange fungus growing up inside the wall.? It was a nightmare.

3 days later… we have sheathing on the wall, insulation back in and a piece of drywall that I have to cut and attach, mud and tape, texture and repaint.? The new siding that started this whole project isn’t the same size and we don’t think they make the same size anymore.? That has to be installed then we have to caulk all of it and then repaint the back of the house.

I keep telling myself that it had to be done.? This is how I justify what I feel is my mistake for saying, “let’s tackle this little project.”

Fortunately we have very good friends and family that came to our rescue.? Neal and Tacoma Chickadee came Sunday.? Neal helped us with construction and Tacoma Chickadee took the boy so we could work in peace.? Monday the trusty Father-in-law came to assist.? Without them we would be lost and I would still be crying.

Now you get to share in my “joy.”

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  1. NEAL says: Reply

    There are about three people in the world that I do these things for, mainly because there is fun amongst the challenge.

    You did awesome, and held up well.

    And, it looks pretty great.

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    Oh my! I’m so sorry… We had a Dumb @ss former home owner here too and every time we start something “small” we run into something that has been what we have now call “Fred-ified”. I feel your pain. Don’t even get me started on him installing the boiler for the furnace UPSIDE-DOWN!!

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    we had dumbass builder…it doesn’t ever matter…glad you could do the repairs..

  4. NEAL says: Reply

    We call it “Built by Budweiser” at our house. Funny, my brother’s deck has three bud can labels nailed to the underside.

    He has problems, too.

    Thank goodness it’s all about the microbrew’s and elle’s and TH’s house.

  5. That SUCKS…I recently discovered the only thing separating my bathroom from my neighbor’s are some tiles, wire mesh and newspapaers. Some jackass built this building using NEWSPAPERS in the wall.

  6. Yikes, you weren’t kidding about a shitty weekend.

    SUCKS!! I hate house stuff. hate it. 3 new houses in a row for us.

  7. Rhonda says: Reply

    It looks great! I can SO relate right now. I don’t know why Brian and I love to buy older houses. You’d think we’d learn our lesson after a while.

  8. mom says: Reply

    Wow, that’s awful. Looks like it had a happy ending though. Three cheers for Neal! Owning a home always comes with stories such as this. Just remember how lucky you are to have it to bitch about. At least that’s what I do when home owning nightmares occur. 🙂

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