Mommy Wars: 3 Martini Playdate

Since the return of Soper I am going to have to rename Coffee Talk. Yes, I shamelessly ripped it off from her. Well, she?d been gone for a while and I thought someone should evoke you people into some serious dendrite fluffing. Why not me.

There are a few topics floating around in Internet Land that have gotten me all worked up. The sad part is the intelligent side of my brain has taken over the funny point so I have to get these out. That stupid brainy Lisa just gets in the way sometimes dammit. I know that this particular subject has been hacked apart ad-nauseum on other mommy blogs, but I?m not as cool as them so I am not as privy to their little group. Thus you get this debate as much of an after the fact kind of thing.

This all started with a New York Times article (which I can?t link because I don?t have a subscription.) The article was about Happy Hour Playdates. Moms enjoy a glass of wine during playgroup. Little did the world know how much fuel this would add to the already flaming mommy wars. As a follow up to the article a post was written over at Blogging Baby in full support of moms doing just this. Of course there was a comment or two chastising moms for such brazen activity. Shocking!

The subject was then brought up by Melissa at Suburban Bliss (who I found through all of this and might I say is quite a talented writer.) Eventually Melissa was invited to speak on the subject on the Today Show last week. My horrible dislike for that particular program resulted in me not watching the piece live, but on the internet. In the end I too was appaled at how she was treated and chastised for enjoying a glass of wine in front of her children. This poor woman was likened to that of a babysitter. And to read more of the back story her final post on the subject makes me want to stand up and applaud.

So all of this begs the question, is it ok to drink in front of your children? First let me set some ground rules here. I expect you follow the rules of debate as outlined by the “talking out of your ass” rule. This is a subject with the potential for 2 very opposing arguments. That being said here is my stance.

I believe that part of parenting is modelling responsible behaviors for our children. This means things like obeying the rules of the road, not knocking out the dumbass in line in front of you at the supermarket because they haven?t the slightest clue as to how to work the self checkout and showing your children that drinking responsibly is ok. Children learn first and foremost by example. This is evident in my child as he mimicked the hand movements of our pastor during his sermon last Sunday. *GASP* Did she just say she attends church AND drinks in front of her child?? Yep. I have mentioned my dislike for actually getting drunk. I?ve done it, I?ve partied like a rockstar on a Tuesday with a Mexican and a bottle of Tequilla (before I had a child) and that was enough for me. I like wine. I like beer. I like a good Vodka Collins. This does not make me a lush. I grew up with alcoholic fathers. I know alcoholism. I am NOT an alcoholic. Because I have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer while doing a home improvement project doesn?t make me an alcoholic. I haven?t been a mom long enough to have a drink during playdate, but it wouldn?t suprise me if Kathou and I enjoy a glass of wine while scrapbooking in proximity to the boy and Chickadee.

I?m interested in hearing your arguments on this one…

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