Mid-life crisis

So ?it think I’m going through a mid-life crisis. ?Ha! I bet you thought I’d bring this up January didn’t you? ?Trick’s on you. ?I’ve been writing multiple posts at night an scheduling them to auto post at 3 a.m. every day. ?Truth be told… all of this mid-life crisis stuff started popping up in January. ?It wasn’t until now that I got around to writing about it.

Right… personal identity crisis. ?I’m on a track to lose some of the weight that I’ve gained. ?Things are going better for me in the emotion department, but I’m still in need of some kind of change. ?I attempted my usual “paint a room” solution, but that backfired when I found out I wasn’t going to get to keep my office. ?I’m still in the need of some change.

I am also tired of feeling like a tired old mom. ?Here are the things I’m considering doing…

1) cutting my hair. ?This isn’t unusual. ?Cutting my hair is my fall back change thing. ?The trouble is that I’m going to China in July and I wanted to grow my hair out so that it was fairly low maintenance while I was there. ?Believe it or not, my hair is less maintenance when it is long as opposed to short.

2) I’m considering unconventional haircut.

This is the photo I like, but imagine the back being longer on one side. ?It would be a little 80s, but I think it has the potential to turn out cute.


3) I’m considering coloring my hair. ?Now that should totally not come as a shock. ?Typically my hair is colored. ?Especially since the onslaught of grey hair. ?However, I’m thinking about above mentioned hairstyle with chunky color in the front and the possibility of throwing in an off the wall color (purple or pink) just for fun. ?The crazy color would be the wash out kind like I had before, but it would be fun.

I’ve also considered that bleach blonde like pictured above, but I’m too much of a sissy to go through the pain of totally bleaching out my hair.

4) Here’s the big one… I’m considering getting my nose pierced. ?I’m 33 years old. ?Honestly, why am I considering this? ?I have no clue. ?I just want to do it. ?My fear is my allergies and my constant need to wipe my nose. ?I still want to do it.

So am I totally crazy and really in need of a vacation or should I go for the whole shebang?

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  1. Liv says: Reply

    Do they still make magnetic jewelry? I remember way back when some of my friends in school used little magnetic nose jewelry instead of actually getting pierced.

  2. Heidi says: Reply

    Love it! Before I even read #3 I knew I was going to tell you to add a splash of crazy color (I vote purple)!!!
    So, cool cut and color… show us before and afters.
    As for the nose pierce, see if you still desire it as much after the hair change.
    Good luck!!!

  3. Lee says: Reply

    How about looking at the inside and see what’s making you so uneasy? Changing things drastically on the outside won’t make the unrest inside go away.You’re in my thought and prayers, sister dear.

  4. mom says: Reply

    Pulling off any hairstyle makes you a lucky girl. Go for it! Uh… the nose ringy thing… uhm… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. spoken like a true mom 🙂

  5. lauri says: Reply

    do it….

  6. kim hartman says: Reply

    Yes, the hair is a must, I love it, and if you get some cutesy little headbands, it’s no work in China.

    I am 42 and recently hit my midlife crisis, I believe. I cut off all of my hair (not a la Britney) but it’s very short (you can see it on facebook) and I find that it has totally changed how people react to me. The hair is sassy and they treat me as if I am also. which I am, but you can’t see it when I hide behind the hair.

    I have it all one color right now, but that is the next part of the transformation,I think…..

    good luck with your decisions.

  7. Auntie G says: Reply

    I hope a midlife crisis at 33 doesn’t mean you’re only planning hanging around until 66. Get the hair cut…forego the nose ring.

  8. tacomachickadee says: Reply

    My midwife friend just got her nose pierced (she’s also our age) … it’s VERY cute. 🙂

  9. Love the cut – I couldn’t wear it because hair in my face makes me insane but I love the way it looks. And if I ever color my hair I would totally do a crazy color. Fun!

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