Meet Tulip and Darryl*

I want you to meet some very special little ones.  No, I have not gone off the deep end and gotten more cats.  You will be very proud of my restraint when, in the craft store, the child informed me that last year was the best Christmas ever.  I questioned him why last year was the best Christmas ever and he responded, “the presents, we got Busy (the dog).”  I put the kibosh on any more animals.  See I do have self restraint (kind of).

Anyway, why in the world would I be talking about more cats?  Because Tulip and Darryl need a home and their home was almost our home.  If you recall, we were set to meet some baby kitties before I got click happy and found the Livelies.  I still regret not going to see the first set of kitties.  Especially since their foster mama, Sue, is still looking for a home for the two that would have been ours.

This is Darryl.  From what Sue says he is the cuddliest kitten you’ll ever meet.  He is sweet and affectionate and full of floof.

This is Tulip.  She is floofly like her brother Darryl, but with a bit of calico thrown in.

I haven’t formally met Sue, but from everything I can tell she is an awesome kitty foster mama.  She gets high marks from The Lively’s foster mama, Laurie, so that is very high praise in my book.  So if you have room in your home, and live in the Tacoma area, would you please consider adding Darryl and Tulip to your life.  Baby kitties are a handful, but worth every single minute.  To read more about these two and contact Sue visit her website.  She has lots of videos of them in action.


*Tulip and Darryl were adopted in a whirlwind yesterday by a lovely woman who found Darryl on Petfinder.  Like me, she couldn’t take just one so she took them both.

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