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In the winter extra beauty products show up in our house.? Mainly it is because I have this theory that if I look good then I’ll feel good.? For the most part it works.? Nothing worse than looking in the mirror at my face without make-up and greezy hair.? So even in that most desperate time of my life I made it my goal each day to at least get out of the bed and shower.? Most days I even went the extra mile to apply a little bit of foundation and blow dry my hair.

These days thing are better and my slacking off includes not applying eyeliner or mascara and wearing my hair curly instead of straightening it.

Last week was a little stressful for me.? With all that damn chocolate that had to get out of my house and all.? I’m also lucky that my bff (actually both of my bffs) is a Mary Kay representative.? This is the point where you laugh at me for loving Mary Kay so much.? I’ll wait.? It’s ok.

Done?? Good.? Let’s move on.

Now if you were one of those people that was laughing I’m am going to change your mind right here and now.? I will admit to being a drug store cosmetics kind of girl.? My skin is very sensitive and gets rashy in an instant.? I will also say that I’ve tried a whole line of Mary Kay products on my skin with horrible mutant face results.? I have found a nice balance with the products I purchase (from Mega Bullseye Store, Oregon Rain Soap and Lush).? So I have stopped purchasing Mary Kay products.? Sorry girls.? Besides, that shit is expensive.

So last week bff Heather comes to help with chocolates, is my bff for a reason and knows that I am totally stressed out and brings me a little gift, “because I need some pampering.”? I’m like a Russian in that I don’t like to open spontaneous gifts in front of people.? Call me odd, but it’s a thing.? So I waited until she left to open my package.? I also got distracted by the task at hand so that had a little to do with it.

I opened my gift and inside was like a bright light shining out of the bag.? The heavens opened up and angels sang.? It was a slew of Mary Kay products.? And not just little samples of this and that.? We are talking swag here people.? Included were Satin Lips mask and balm (heavenly loveliness for my chapped lips), a gift package of body scrubs and lotions, a full set of Satin Hands (if you’ve never tried this buy it.? Buy it NOW!) and Indulge Soothing Eye Mask (now called gel).

Here comes the review part.

I’d used Satin Hands before.? Love it.? I’ve always wanted Satin Lips.? Now love it.? But the Soothing Eye Gel… where have you been all of my life?? How did I not know that it existed?? Why did I not pay attention at that Mary Kay party when she told us of it’s loveliness?? And why are you not using it?

This stuff is a little blue gel that you rub on your eyes and magically they are no longer old and sunken.? One application and I look about 5 years younger.? I thought, hey, it worked on my eyes, why not on that fine line on my forehead.? Hey!? Worked there too.? This is the best product I have ever used.? Seriously.? It could be made from the sweat off of a baboons ass and I wouldn’t care it works that good.? How have I gone 2 1/2 years into my 30s without using it?

Go buy it.? And if you don’t know a Mary Kay representative, I’ll hook you up.

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  1. I got this timewise eye serum stuff from Mary Kay that I’m a pretty big fan of – nothing completely takes care of my dark circles but it does make a difference.

  2. mom says: Reply

    I’m glad you got pampered! Sometimes thats all a gal needs… well a few compliments don’t hurt either!

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    Sounds like the stuff I need. I have six huge zits on my right cheek due to stress. I can barely move that side of my face.

  4. Heather says: Reply

    your welcome 🙂

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