Mac vs. PC

You know those Mac vs. PC commercials with the nerdy guy that looks eerily similar to billionaire bill? My favorite is the one where he is dressed in a hospital gown because he is getting an upgrade to the new Microhell operating system (which is huge waste of money.) Well… this is what our house has been like the last few days. CS bought me a copy of Office 2007. We were running the beta and I luuuuvvvved it. I hate Microhell, but this particular new product had some great upgrades. Sorry, tangent. Anyway, CS does the upgrade (and remembered to back up my address book this time) but in the process he decided that he wanted to work on the new DVD burner. For some reason it wasn?t working to import CDs into iTunes. No sound. So I try to divert my eyes as he rips off the cover of my computer for the 12 billionth time exposing the dust laden old and decrepit innards of my baby. Of course there is never a time that the cover only comes off once. Oh no. He must have pulled that cover off 20 times. All of this to no avail. The DVD burner won?t import sound. I don?t know the techinicals of it, but it just won?t work.

Of course it wouldn?t be a computer “fix” if something didn?t go wrong causing more computer fixes. I sit down at the computer yesterday and my tablet isn?t working. So that means no mouse or no pen for me. I have another mouse, but I hate it. CS tries to fix it, but thinks the hub is bad. The hub is the USB thing that all the stuff is plugged into. So he works around it, gets my mouse to work by using a different port and I am good to go like T@aco Be!!.

Then, the boy and I are walking out the door to go to the new local Mega Discount Store and the cable van is parked in front of our house. Cable dude gets out and is glad he caught me before I left. He says they have traced some kind of interference coming from our home and it is messing up the internet and cable for the neighborhood. The only thing I can think of is I have picked up some kind of virus and it is redistributing it back out to my neighbors. I immediately jump to the conclusion of the contents of a chicken farm descending upon our home. I flash out of the John Dorian moment to Cable dude asking if we have cable modem and saying it might be a loose fitting. He checks it out and sho nuff, CS knocked the modem loose while he was poking and prodding the dying monster.

Later in the evening CS is trying to send the revisions on our post placement report to Moron Social Worker, but the computer isn?t reading our external hard drive. More poking and prodding and report is sent.

This morning I get up and once again try to use my mouse and pen, but now the scroll wheel isn?t working. I am lost without my scroll wheel. So now I have to once again reboot and hope that solves the problem.

Oh how I hate you PC. You old dying piece of junk with so many cords sticking out of ever orifice that you look like some kind of electric spaghetti. Oh how I need a Mac so badly I would sell non-vital internal organs to fund it. Anyone need a kidney?

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