Lotsa Helping Hands

I love that I’ve had so many people say, “Let me know if you need anything.”  It is sweet and makes me feel very loved.  However, I think that what people forget is that individuals under an extreme amount of stress tend to be a bit ditzy.  This is me.  I haven’t slept a night through in nearly 2 months.  I forget everything.  There are some days that I forget if I put on pants.  Just this week I lost my water bottle.  It’s the same water bottle I’ve carried for the past 12 years.  Everyone knows my water bottle.  I searched for three days for the damn thing.  It was in my work basket at school.

This is all to say that when people say, “let me know if you need anything,” I couldn’t tell you off the bat if I need anything.  I don’t know what I’ll need.  Hey, if you can plan a major plant sale, grade papers and plan lesson plans for 6 weeks of instruction for an introductory horticulture class, an advanced horticulture class and a floral design class… then hit me up. 

In the mean time, we think we’ve come up with a good solution.  I discovered a website called Lotsa Helping Hands.  It was designed to help families going through a medical issue.  We’ve created a community where you can send well wishes, but also sign up for volunteer opportunities.  Right now the opportunities include “babysitting” me and helping out with dinners.  Derek is going to be responsible for picking Oleg up from school (in Bellevue) and then taking him to swimming (in Renton).  He will also be responsible for making dinner and all other household chores.  This means I’ll need someone to come hang with me while he’s out.  It would also be nice if he didn’t have to make food every night of the week.  Freezer meals are great.  Crock pot meals are great.  Heat up meals… also great!

If you have a little time to lend or a meal you can prepare we’d be quite grateful.  You can see where we need help by visiting our Lotsa Community.  

We love you all!

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  1. Melissa b. says: Reply

    I wish I were closer to help out. But just know that from thousands of miles away, we’re praying for you (and D & O) and wishing for all the very, very best during surgery and recovery.

  2. Mom says: Reply

    I know you think your mom has always been a ditz, but trust me when I tell you that word has truly and justifiably been worn by me over the last few months. I bow to the ditzy gods with graciousness and understand your sentiments. I love you and will do whatever needs to be done to get you thru this. I know how you love my casseroles, so keep this in mind when you want some of my home cooking! ?????

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