Lost Leverage

Thursday was Back to School night at the boy’s preschool.? This is a night I have been anticipating and dreading for close to 6 months.? I turned in the boy’s application to preschool way back when and was confident that he would be all potty trained in time.? I had 6 months!? The application clearly stated that children need to be potty trained in order to attend his school.? The school is so small that they just don’t have the facilities to change dirty diapers.? Better yet, why would they want to?? So I filled out the application, paid my reservation fee and did the happy dance when the “Welcome to our School” postcard arrived in the mail.? Then I freaked out and went all psycho mommy that the. boy. had. to. be. potty. trained!? Then I talked to one of the teachers and she said that they would hold his spot.? (This is a big deal because the school is small and they turn kids away)

For a long time now we’ve had discussions with the boy that if he wants to go to school then he needs to go on the big boy potty.? Of course he thinks that if he goes to school he gets to ride on the school bus, which is all that really matters.? We thought we were making progress when we were in California.? He saw his cousin go to school and that made a bit of an impact.? Then Tuesday we were having more success with the potty training until I told him we were going to Na-Na’s (Chickadee’s) house.? When we had our try on the potty moment I used my same line of, “if you go on the big boy potty you get to go to school.”? His response, “go Na-Na’s house first.”? Thus ended potty training for the day.

I was ready to give up.? My theory was that we would go to Back to School night on Thursday, he would see how cool the school is and I would have my really big leverage to get him to potty train.? See how cool your school is?? Do you want to go back?? Well, you have to go on the big boy potty.? I had it all worked out.? But one should figure out quickly in parenting that things don’t always go according to plan.? Alas, I am dumb.

Thursday afternoon I informed the boy that we would be going to his school to meet his teacher.? I had my speech all set.? I was a confident mom.

Elle: We are going to school tonight to meet your teacher.

Boy: All done big boy potty (translation: I won you stupid woman!)

However, trying to explain to your two year old that his theory was flawed is more difficult that originally anticipated.? Especially when the teachers screw it up for you.

We arrive at the school for Back to School night and find his coat hook with his name (I teared up a little, only because he has the weirdest name in his class).? We talked with the director for a bit and then the trusty husband took the boy to explore the school.? I had a chat with the director about our potty issues and the whole PI not wanting to go deal.? She was very understanding and wanna hear some good news?? I’m lucky because I’m a church staff member and can always find work to do at the church and if I stuck around in the event of a potty emergency he could attend.? Well shit.? There goes my leverage.

I guess the good news is that he gets to go to school.? He certainly needs the social interaction.? I really could use the 4 hours a week to work on the church’s website.? And hey, they have wireless internet.

Boy: 1

Elle: 0

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  1. But I have some good news about that! He’ll probably be more interested in using the potty when he realizes that all the other kids use it! Peer pressure starts early! Especially if the potty is out in the open, and he can watch how other kids use it. That’s one of the reasons Montessori has their toddler potties out in the classroom. Not only can the teachers keep an eye on the kids (rather than waiting in a small room with one of them), it helps the non-potty trained kids learn how and why to use a potty. Oh, and I think your score card might be a bit off:

    Boy: 54,933
    Elle: 0

  2. Jenny says: Reply

    Well, can’t you still use it? the you need to use the potty at school too. or something.

    MAN I am dreading potty training. Seriously dreading it.

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    I would so be doing the potty training at school..I would even take the opportunity to pull him out to go o that he gets the idea..you will be there and it is a perfect opportunity to get his goat and train him…I think this will turn out to be an Elle one and boy zero after all..

  4. I’m glad he can start school. I hope he really likes it!

  5. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I’d add the Church as also getting a “win” too.

  6. chou2 says: Reply

    heh heh.

    i’m thinking this is the first of many little victories for the boy.

    and i DREAM of seeing a little coat hook with my kid’s name on it!

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