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You ever have those days where you hit every green light in town and get rock star parking at the mall. Well for me the past few days have been like that. The sun came out and life perked up.

Thursday I was pleasantly surprised by my girlfriend Ingelaurie who brought me a coffee. She is the best! When I arrived home from the church Thursday night I had a package waiting for me on my front doorstep. It was a beautiful wall hanging quilt from Margaret. Thanks M, I love it.

D got paid more than we expected so he actually gave me the OK (and a budget) to go buy some plants. Friday’s weather was beautiful so I decided to try to find a way to maximize the given budget. Yes, I entered the plant department at my local mega home improvement store. Being the good plant lady I am, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually purchase plants there. So I drove across town to one of my favorite independent nurseries. To my great delight I actually found the plant I was looking for. A dwarf burning bush! It looks like a bunch of twigs right now, but just wait until fall. I also picked up a few heaths and 2 rhubarb roots. I haven’t ever grown rhubarb, but I really like rhubarb pie. 2 roots will feed our entire neighborhood!

My day in the yard included removing more than my fair share of Bee Balm. This plant is part of the mint family. If you know anything about plants it will give you an indication of the aggressiveness of this little monster. I left one clump because it really is pretty. The rhubarb took its place. I planted my new little babies, mowed the back yard and pulled a few weeds.

My car is now a happy car and evidently it really is gray. I just thought it was the dirt. Of course it is supposed to sprinkle today. Figures.

D also let me purchase some bark for my rose garden. We have had landscape fabric down, but no bark for months. Our last wind storm whipped it up and piled it on top of some of my rose bushes.

So despite the crappy few weeks I have had, this week I feel like things are starting to feel a little better.

Thanks to Jen for the advice on the hair stuff. I ordered it from Amazon. Can’t wait to try it. Because you are all so captivated by my hair I’ll let you all know how it works.

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  1. jeneflower says: Reply

    You are a landscape designer… blog design guru…chocolate maker… ecommercer (is that a word?)…I know there is more…what can’t you do?

    I agree that spending time outdoors with nature can always brighten the day. My Dad would like you- landscaping was his passion- he would redesign and completely change our backyard about every 6 months. Didn’t rub off on me though.

    I am feeling pressure now about your hair product purchase. I am apologizing in advance if it doesn’t work for you. If it doesn’t you might be using too much or too little, so experiment. I think you will like it though.

  2. Elle says: Reply

    Should I tell you now or later that my degree is in horticulture, in my “real life” I am a landscape designer (hence the graphic design abilities) and Hello, my name is Elle… I am a plant addict.

  3. Margaret says: Reply

    Fun. I love shopping for plants. Bee Balm — I know from Bee Balm. I have a section of it in my perennial garden and it spreads massively each year. It takes work to keep that under control. But the blossoms are so weird and cool that they’re worth it.

    You do realize that advertising your landscape/plant knowledge means that I might bombard you with questions come spring and summer, don’t you? 🙂

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