Let’s just scratch that whole “big boy bed” idea

A quick update. Mainly because I am out of my ever lovin mind and soooo tired right now. Being the bright and intelligent parents that we are we booked a room in a suite style hotel. Our theory was we could put the boy to bed and still stay up to watch TV. Great plan right? So the trusty husband finds us a hotel that has a pull out in the sofa. The plan is to let the boy sleep there. This worked very well at nap time. We, in our high fivin white guy way, think we have it all figured out. Bed time comes, put the boy in the bed, read him stories and he asks me if he can rock. I tell him sure and leave the room. He falls asleep and so do I.

Somewhere around 11:30 the trusty husband wakes up to the boy whimpering… then crying. He jumped out of the bed rushed into the other room to find the boy not in the bed. He was on the floor. My child fell out of the bed. We figure he was disorented and squirming his way around the bed and eventually squirmed his way right out. Needless to say he slept in the bed with us the rest of the night.

Let me just say that in Alaska, it is light at 11:30 at night. It is still light at 12:30, mostly dusk at 2:30, and light again at 4. Why do I know this? I was awake.

They are bringing us a crib this afternoon.

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  1. There really is no aspect of life left untouched by parenthood is there? Right down to how much sleep you get on vacation. Hope tonight is better with the crib!

  2. Rhonda says: Reply

    Ohhh no!! Glad to hear they’re bringing a crib.

  3. serena says: Reply

    oh no. If they don’t, lemme know where you are and I’ll bring you our porta crib. It sits lonely in the garage. Ditto if you need a stroller.

    The daylight thing is big here. We have big ugly burlap curtains in her room. Its PITCH BLACK in there. yay. Works for her, but I still am up until it is dark. Bad Mom!

  4. Nancy says: Reply

    At least you got smart and ordered the crib, we just kept putting ours back into bed until he finally fell out and hit his head on the night stand.(that’s about the time we learned our lesson) Finding an ER at five in the morning, never a good time.

  5. Maggie says: Reply

    One little monkey rocking on the bed, he fell off and bumped his head. Poor kiddo — and poor you! You must be exhausted!

  6. Yikes!

  7. Lee says: Reply

    I sure hope the crib they bring you is better than the little, white metal jail they gave us in Vegas! About half the width and length than a regular crib, with what felt like a mattress made out of cardboard! Poor B! She was only 8 months old and almost took up the whole thing! She actually slept in it pretty well (after I padded the think with blankets and made a make-shift bumper), much to our suprise!
    Good luck tonight!

  8. Nicole says: Reply

    Oh no!

  9. Jenny says: Reply

    First off…asking to rock? Isn’t that a big step kinda? Like to it starting to maybe go away because it seems like something he has to ask to do? Then he can ask you for something when he is able to understand and you can offer the “thing” or “rocking”? I think it is a big deal.

    Anyway, did he rock out of the bed? My girls can’t sleep in a bed with out a wall or tons of pillows, they thrash and roll and rock their heads too much.

    Hopefully the crib works!!! And girl, that is ALOT of light!

  10. mom says: Reply

    Take some melatonin 4 hrs before you go to bed. It does help! Sounds like mom and dad are gonna be 2 tired puppies by the time they get back home! Give Oleg ooby kisses from babada and dedu and git out there and have some fun!

  11. NEAL says: Reply

    This glass of wine is for you, Elle!

    and, this one…. and this one…. hell, here’s a bottle dedicated to you.

    oh, and one more glass for the high-fivin’ white guys reference.

    Love Almost Live.

    miss it, too.

  12. too funny… well, it’s not funny he fell out of bed, but the way you wrote about it is… enjoy your trip 🙂

  13. Jenni says: Reply

    Definitely sounds like a crib is in order!

    We used to lay big pillows all along the side of Eamon’s bed because he kept rolling out of it (and at 3, was too big for a crib). There’s nothing like being awoken at dark o’clock to the sound of your child screaming…

  14. Jenny2 says: Reply

    ahaha – I get the ‘high fiven white guy’ comment. Funny one.

  15. RB says you are his kind of girl with that HUGE beer! Hilarious!!!!

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