Let’s do some recruiting

Because in this life I really need more blogs to read.  Yeah that’s it.  More blogs.  More glimpses into the secrecy of people’s lives.  Sure.

My problem lies in the fact that my girlfriend Alicia has a myspace account and I abhor myspace.  There is just something fundamentally wrong with it.  Of course I am a blog junkie and that could have something to do with it.  Anyway… Alicia keeps a little blog on myspace but in order for me to comment I have to create my own account.  Again… with the hating of myspace.  So I say we all find a way to convince Alicia that she needs to start a blog away from the crutch of the teeny-boppers and pedophiles.  (not that she is either)  What she is is a talented writer, unlike me and quite humorous.  She is the mommy to 3 of the most magical children in the world.  I love her kids! and! she wants to start a Scrabble club here in Tacoma. Nerdy?  Of course!  Now my vocabulary is limited and Scrabble isn’t my game, but I just think that is the coolest idea evah!  Hey they have chess in the park in other towns, why not Scrabble.

So, go over to Alicia’s site (yes I am condoning myspace for this little task) and tell her that I sent you to beg her to start a blog so that we may all give her praise for how clever she really is.  Besides… she turns 30 next week and is spending it taking 7 high schoolers to Texas for a week.  She needs all the love she can get right now. 

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