Let the gardening begin

It’s gardening season again. Some of you are going Woo Hoo! Others are wishing I’d go back to talking about food. However, Mother’s Day was the opening of gardening season in the Pacific Northwest. As a nursery worker we dread Mother’s Day weekend. It’s like a florist on Valentine’s Day. Biggest holiday of the year. By the end if you hear, “Do you have any Pink Dogwoods?” again you may go out back and shoot yourself because you sold out 3 weeks ago. That kind of busy.

Last year we had the great petunia experiment. Only I fell down on the job and didn’t help you along nor did I check back in. If you would like to repeat the petunia experiment read the linked post and have at it. This year I won’t be so bold as to make you go out and plant a petunia. We’ll start smaller this year. A tour of my garden. You got a tour of my house, why not my garden too. (please note that the trusty husband edited this video down from 12 minutes to 6 minutes. It also does not include my back yard)

(This video was taped the week before last)

To follow, a week full of gardening help. On Friday I will answer your gardening questions. So if you have a question post it in the comments or email me at elle @ lifeofelle . com. (for the new readers… why am I so big on gardening? My degree is in horticulture and I am a former landscape designer and greenhouse manager)

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  1. Wow i am so impressed with your landscaping knowledge. Great yard! You have inspired me to look more closely at the trees, flowers and plants that are in my neighborhood. Maybe i could even learn their names or something.

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    yee haw… let the garden party begin

  3. Ree says: Reply

    I’m going to link you to my May Hotlight at the end of the month.

  4. mom says: Reply

    I thinking the vloging thing is pretty darn cool!

  5. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh Elle. This new house has 7 flowerbeds. SEVEN. How in the world am I going to keep up with it? This is not exactly my strong area. OK, here’s my gardening question. My grass is trying to creep into my flowerbeds. In fact, there’s some areas that could be mowed already. How do I kill the grass without killing the flowers?

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