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I feel the need to take a moment to explain a little bit about my depression.? I’ve mentioned before what I have is called Seasonal Affective Disorder.? It is an extremely treatable form of depression (if you live somewhere like Arizona).? Sadly (or not so sadly) I don’t live in Arizona.? I live in Washington.? State.? As in the land of perpetual rain.? And damp.? And cold.? We have 8ish months of crappy weather and 2 months of somewhat decent weather.? And 2 weeks (if we’re lucky) of downright live without pants hot.? We are also in the northern part of the country where (in the summer) we get about 16 hours of sunlight a day and consequently (in the winter) 16 hours of darkness.? If you will also recall I don’t do well with excessive sunlight.? Odd, since sunlight is the “cure” for SAD.

The majority of my readers are not from Washington so you have no clue as to what the current weather patterns have been like around here.? Essentially we have just started Summer.? As in yesterday.? When the official start of summer happened.? It has been cold, wet and downright unpleasant around here.? I should have a garden full of snap peas and my dahlia’s should be at least 2′ high by now.? I have nothing.

So to recap that first part rain+lack of sunlight+summer abruptly starting=someone turning on the light switch for 16 hours straight and screwing me all kinds of up.

I was talking to the trusty husband about how people get so concerned when I write about depression.? He said, “what they don’t understand is that it is 10 times better than it used to be.”

He is spot on.? If I look back at what my life was like one year ago… well, it wasn’t pretty.? It was almost a year ago that I started acupuncture treatments.? It has been a long year and the treatments have gone well.? About 5 months ago the acupuncturist said she felt that we had a good handle on my emotional issues and that we could move on to other things.? She was right.? I only have about 1 bad day a month.? Considering it used to be only one good week a month things have improved.? I consider it a victory.

I write about my depression because I want people to know that it still effects me.? It likely always will, but I have a handle on things that I’m comfortable with.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Baring one’s emotions to others also can have a therapeutic effect on well being. All problems, be they emotional or physical have to be addressed in order to remedy them. You my dear… have tackled head on one of your worst demons. Making the quality of life for you and those you love much better. Perhaps setting the tone for others who suffer silently, fearful of being scoffed at… to also get help. Once again let me just say, I’m proud of you!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    I am proud of you too

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    I believe that talking about depression helps tremendously…it give voice to an otherwise silent disease…
    but I will always want you to come here for a visit…

  4. kate says: Reply

    Even though we’ve passed the longest day of the year, it’s still cool and rainy here. What gives? So, I’m doing my winter banana-a-day cure and tossing back the St. John’s Wort when I need an edge taken off the weepy.

    Now, go drink some nasty tea and stick needles in yourself. ;> Feel better.

  5. Has your acupuncturist showed you any acupressure points you can do on yourself (or mark them with a marker on your back for D to press) between visits? If not, ask her about it. I agree that it’s very brave and therapeutic for you to talk about your depression. It also helps tell people about SAD and some solutions for it. (I wish I could get my MIL to acupuncture for her SAD.) We’ve also had a crappy summer thus far (we haven’t even hit 70 degrees yet!), and I’m hoping that the sun will come out soon!!

  6. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year AND live in the PNW – you ARE better and this has been a very rough Spring/Summer with regards to weather. And if it makes you feel better… I was more prone to depressino when I was your age and did all of the hard work you’re doing in regard to “treating it” and trust me when I say; IT GETS BETTER.

    now off to look at the empty flower pots on my porch because it’s been so lousy………

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    So, my dear, what can your girls do to help in these situations?

  8. Sorry you’re in a downswing lately. I know when I get that way I just want to vent and then be left alone. Eventually you come back up but you just need some time.

    So I hope you spend the time as pleasantly as possible. Like, with vodka and chocolate (let me know if I need to mail any).

    Take care of yourself….

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