Last Day

Today is the last day to order you Sweet Hope Truffles and Caramels.? Sales in the past few days have been amazing!

As of this moment we are at $1922.00!? I am stunned.? Utterly stunned.? Our goal was $2000 and we are soooo close.? I only hope that we can keep it up on the last day to push us over the edge.

Packaging arrived Wednesday and I still have to buy more.

I am going out tomorrow to purchase all of the ingredients to make everything and may have to start on caramels tomorrow instead of the originally planned Sunday.

With the cost of the packaging and of the ingredients I anticipate sending over $1500 to the orphanage.? $1500 will buy lots of Christmas gifts for the children there.? With any luck every child in Baby Home #2 will have something to open this Christmas.? I only wish I could be there to see their faces.

Your outpouring of support is bringing tears to my eyes.? I never imagined that so many people would be so generous this holiday season.? I know the economy is bad and our money just doesn’t go as far as it used to, but you are all proving me wrong.

If candy isn’t up your alley consider making a donation.? All we ask is that you keep the children in this special Baby Home in your hearts this holiday season.

To make a donation to Sweet Hope click:

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  1. Carrie says: Reply

    I think you should give credit where credit is due… the irresistibly yummy, kick ass truffles are are what keep me coming back – Economy be damned!!

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