Last Day for Sweet Hope Sales

If you haven’t placed your order for Sweet Hope candy, today is your last day.  In keeping with the list thing here are some reasons why you should buy the candy.

1) We are only $43 away from our (new) $6580 goal.  You wouldn’t have us come up short would you?

2) The truffles are made BY HAND in my tiny little kitchen.  That means they are made with lurve.

3) If you order truffles my friend Raissa will personally hand scoop your truffle which means she gets to come over to my house and we get to drink coffee and take an occasional dance break which is fun and keeps me sane.  You don’t want me going crazy do you?

4) The money we make goes to an orphanage.  What don’t you like orphans?

5) The kittehs demand that you do it or they will give you stink eye.

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  1. sourpuss says: Reply


    Sorry for always yelling in your comments but those kitties get me so fired up with excitement it just bubbles over into my typing…I can’t help it.

  2. Betsy says: Reply

    Aaaaacckk!! How could you close up before cyber Monday?! Oh well…I DO hope you made your goal and I’ll pine until next year.

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