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I promise I will give you more information about that Russia envelope when I have it.? I have to scan the photos and have all of the written material translated.? I knew it would come in Russian, but I had long given up hope of it ever arriving so I gave up on finding someone to translate it.? Fortunately, Kathou’s neighbor is Russian so hopefully she will translate it for me.? The photos are of adorable children enjoying toys and a visit from the Snow Maiden.? Unfortunately, I cannot post the photos of the children without blurring out their faces so you won’t get much detail.? Just trust me that they are so cute.? I look at them over and over and over.? I keep wondering if any of them are going to families any time soon.? There are two babies with Down’s Syndrome in one photo and I pray for them every day.? There are some families that adopt Down’s children, but it is not as common.

Here’s your obligatory St. Patrick’s post.

Yes, today is St. Pats.? (well there’s a blinding glimpse of the obvious)? Yes, I am cooking.? No, I have not purchased everything for tonight.? No, my house is not totally clean.? And to top it off… I’ve lost my Irish cookbook.? We are having dinner on the fly here tonight people.? Good news is that I’ve made Corned Beef a gagillion times and don’t need a recipe.? How hard is boil it until it’s done?? And my soda bread recipe is not in the Irish cookbook.

Tonight’s dinner is not as big of a production as last years though.? I just don’t have it in me to have that many people in my house at once.? I think the late snows this year are slowly killing me.? Sunday morning I sat on the couch (mostly comatose) watching Flatliners.? Fun times.? And yes, there was an inch and a 1/2 of snow on the ground Sunday morning.? On March 15th.? MARCH!!? Gah.

Now if you’ll excuse me there are people coming to my house tonight and I probably should feed them.

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    You know NEAL speaks/reads Russian too… now if he’d ever stay in town long enough….

  2. Trusty Husband says: Reply


    Here’s the correct link:

  3. mom says: Reply

    Happy St Pats!

  4. Hope you had a Happy St. Pats!

  5. Heather says: Reply

    Dinner was wonderful! thanks for the fun filled evening…hope the house cleaning wasn’t too bad today 🙂

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