Just a day, just us

Days like yesterday make me miss it being just us. As we were driving along and I mentioned this to the trusty husband he responded with, “yeah, but you miss the boy and as soon as we get home you are going to smooch all over him.” He was right. And I did.

Per usual, the trusty in-laws were late, but not for lack of trying to get her on time. The trusty father in-law forgot his wallet and they had to turn around. For what good would a grandfather be without his wallet.

We finally left made a pit stop at the bank and the burger joint behind the bank. I can haz cheez burger. Of course we got stuck in Seattle traffic which was oh so fun. We made it to Woodinville HS only to park in the toolies. Hiked our happy asses to the shuttle rickety old school bus and took off on a 15 minute ride further into the toolies thus qualifying it as BFE.

I had to listen to my cheap Swede husband bitch that it cost $18 per person to get into the Street of Dreams. But it wouldn’t be the trusty husband if he didn’t complain about how much it cost to get into something. It took us exactly one hour to “tour” the homes with 400,000 of our fellow northwesterners. And what did I learn from this experience?

  1. The Street of Dreams is definitely not a kid friendly place. So glad we didn’t take the boy.
  2. $2.9 million only gets you 3 bedrooms and the bedrooms in my 1400 sq. ft. house are larger. And you can still hear your neighbor fart.
  3. Never go into the porta-pooer a very large man with a magazine recently vacated.

The schedule for the day included a movie at the theater back in Tacoma. Unfortunately, we didn’t anticipate such heavy traffic and a 20 minute bus ride into BFE. So we thought we’d check out what was playing at Redmond Town Center. However, it wouldn’t be an Elle and trusty husband excursion if we didn’t deviate from the original plan. On the way to the theater we passed about 5 wineries. Columbia being one of my favorites. I’d never been to Woodinville wine country so we opted for wine tasting instead of Bourne. Here is what I learned from that experience.

  1. Visiting a winery on a whim is just about the coolest thing anyone can do.
  2. It is also not advisable to bring your 2 year old with you to such event.
  3. Go when it is really really busy, find the most scattered pourer and step on up.
  4. Make sure to find the wines on the tasting list that are the same blend, but from different valleys. I asked for Otis Cab and the scattered guy poured Red Willow Cab. He gave me the taste on the house. I got 6 tastes for $5 instead of 5.
  5. There are a whole lot of super snooty wine people.

After we drank our way into relaxed happiness we made a stop at Bell Square. I had a need to visit the Crate. I’m in search of a Texas Muffin Tin. Sadly, the Crate let me down. But I still walked out with a little soy pot, a $10 rubber spatula and a chocolate fondue pot. “Because we have chocolate fondue so often,” the trusty husband informed me. That’s because we don’t have a chocolate fondue pot. No trip to Bell Square would be complete without a trip to the Apple store. I was torn and did cry a little because the Apple store is about 100 feet from the Nordstrom shoe department. The trusty husband threw himself between me and the shoes. And, AND! if I’d had just a little more time I think I could have swindled my way into an iMac.

Dinner reservations were at 7:00 back in Tacoma so we had to fight traffic to come back. We dined at a little place called Over the Moon Cafe. We had dinner there with NEAL and Tacoma Chickadee on Dine out for Life night. I was sick and couldn’t taste the food so I ordered the same thing. On texture it was not as good as I remember. Still a delightful evening. I was stunned at the lack of patronage on a Saturday night. In the Proctor District you would have to make a reservation 3-4 nights in advance for Saturday night. Not at Over the Moon. Sad. This is a great little restaurant and it should be packed. Come on Tacoma! Get it together.

We arrived home to hear our son wailing that Daddy was the one to give him his bath. My poor frazzled trusty Mother-in-law was trying to comfort him as best she could. Of course today the boy is pissed at us for leaving him most of the day. He’s going to love it when we load him into the car and drive him down to a family reunion where none of these family members have met him yet. Fun times!

So our anniversary celebration went well. We had a good time, but missed the boy terribly. He spent the time playing with his grandfather’s new car and we were convinced he would have his learners permit by the time we got home. Pretty darn close. They wore him out so bad that he actually fell asleep during dinner. Way to go Grammy, Papa & Auntie G!

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  1. Jenni says: Reply

    Sounds like a fun day out. It’s always nice to get a break from the kids once in a while and remember how it was when it was just the two of you.

    If you ever get down to Northern California, you must check out the wineries in Napa. Lots of snobby wine people to amuse you there! We went once with my grandma, and she asked the server if he had anything in “a nice blush.” The horrified look on his face made my day. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great to get out without children? You never realize the joy of it until you have kids to get away from.

    But it is nice to come home to and have them waiting for you.

    Glad you had a wonderful anniversary!

    I love to see home shows too.

  3. Nancy in Redmond, WA says: Reply

    I usually lurk, but had to comment. I love your blog. Today’s entry really made me smile. I moved to Redmond in 2005, I find Woodinville totally fun for a day’s outing and I’m from Napa, CA, born and raised. I worked for a winery in Napa Valley for 9-1/2 years as their graphic designer, so I enjoyed your view of the tasting room. Oh, and I have two kids so I can relate on the day out. We just recently took our first overnight without our kids E-V-E-R and they are 6 and 4. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Jenny says: Reply

    Next time you can brave an overnight without the boy, head over to Yakima for wine tasting. With so many small wineries, usually one of the winemakers will be your pour-er. Then they know what they are talking about. Plus, you can have lots for FREE. The majority don’t charge unless they are pouring expensive wines.

  5. Mom says: Reply

    Sounds like the perfect getaway! You both deserve a break from parenting especially on an anniversary. This is YOUR special day as husband and wife and I’m so… glad you could escape for the day. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Wendy says: Reply

    Texas Muffin Tin? Is that just a huge muffin or are they shaped like Texas? Don’t laugh. When I moved to Texas I was amazed that we actually have a store in the mall that just sells Texas stuff. Maybe I can find the muffin tin here?

    Impromptu wine tasting…….sounds like heaven!

  7. Rhonda says: Reply

    Glad you two had a good anniversary. We take every other Friday afternoon together, and when we go out to eat lunch, we always spend the entire time talking about the kids. Go figure!

  8. Jenny2 says: Reply

    If I asked my husband to go to the Street of Dreams, he would insist we stop by the winery first… then he’d stay… send me to the Street by myself… and I’d pick him up on the way back.

    Which gives me an idea……

  9. TraciB says: Reply

    Sounds fun. I made it out on Saturday too- I bought new (relly freaking expensive) sink faucets and saw “Really Bad”. I am soooooo cultured!!! I did have a lovely Italian dinner and Blackstone Merlot- YUMMY! 🙂 I guess youre not jealous huh?
    So tell me more about pen tool in Photoshop- it just sits there and does NOTHING- Elle! How do I make it WORK?;-{

  10. Esther says: Reply

    I have a Texas muffin tin. I found it randomly at Safeway or Target. What do you know.

    I love those huge muffins. Great!

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