Jesus and the Biblical Flood

If you happen to remember your basic Sunday School lessons Jesus and Noah did not live in the same time period.? Jesus wasn’t there when Noah was instructed to build a giant boat and herd animals onto it two by two.? Although, if they were to do it again on say… Easter Sunday both would certainly be present.? Now at this moment you are thinking, “yep, she’s finally crossed over the edge from slightly sane to full blown crazy.”? It is possible that you would be right.? I’m pretty sure this is what happens when you decide to remodel your kitchen in 10 days.? I don’t suggest anyone ever does that by the way.

We finished the lightening fast kitchen remodel on Saturday.? Technically it was done on Friday, but we had to put all of the appliances back in and once again we were faced with fitting a 31 1/2″ refrigerator through a 29 1/2″ door opening.? Along with the fact that this time we didn’t have a Sears installation monkey to hook up our stove.? That took two trips to the mega home improvement store.? We fell on the couch Saturday night exhausted.? We were happy that we only had to get up at 6:45 the next morning for church instead of the usual 5:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday.? Church is under construction so no Easter Breakfast.

Trouble is, we haven’t been to church (in our own church) since September.? At this point we are beginning to qualify as a C&E*.? Why haven’t we been to church in so long?? One reason is that the service we like is at 8:30 in the morning.? Meaning we have to get up at 6:45 on our God given day off.? And frankly that’s early.? We were blessed with a child that actually likes to sleep in so why not take advantage of it?? The second reason is that the boy is a bit of a crier when it comes to church.? For a year and a half church wasn’t so bad.? Then last year we attended Holy Week services and in the middle of it the child started crying.? Same thing happened last Easter and any subsequent time we tried to take him to church.? We tried putting him in the nursery, but the nursery attendant changed and he cried there too.? So basically, we spent our time on Sunday mornings eating donuts and drinking (bad Lutheran) coffee in the fellowship hall.? We figured we could do that from home and still sleep in.? So we stopped going.? We attended service on Christmas at the trusty in-law’s church and that went ok.? I am determined to go back to church so we prepared the child.? We took a quiet, but busy bag and held him a lot and covered his ears every time music played (his issue is with the volume of the music and all of the people singing).? Miraculously, the child did fine.? It wasn’t until the very last hymn that I could see it.? If that service had gone on any longer my child would have lost his shit right then and there.? He didn’t, we praised him and a fine Easter was had by all.

That was until Noah stepped in.

The trusty husband and I were sitting on the couch (again) watching the BBC and I could hear the strangest noise.? Kind of like something dripping.? Only it wasn’t coming from in our fancy new kitchen.? It was coming from behind our heads.? Derek refused to admit that he heard anything until he went to investigate and came up with water on the sleeve of his shirt.? AH HA!? I’m not crazy.? A trip into the attic revealed water running down a rafter and finding the hole that the surround sound speaker is screwed into.? Lovely.

We ended up spending part of our Easter Sunday on the roof in the pouring rain nailing a blue tarp down to stop the leak.? Good times.? Good spendy times.? Because this emphasizes the fact that we need a new roof on the house and sadly, it can’t wait until this summer like we originally planned.? And to make matters worse, it’s April and well… it doesn’t stop raining here in April (or May, or June).


*aka Christmas and Easter attendee

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  1. MIL says: Reply

    Mother Nature definitely has a weird and perverse sense of humor – as Papo used to say (with that understated little smirk – oops, I mean SMILE), “People who own homes deserve them.” And no, that didn’t comfort Dad and I either when we had similar experiences of our own!! Luv ya, MIL :-))

  2. Oh the joys of owning a home… it never ends. The repairs, the paint, and lots of headaches.

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