It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

I have a weakness. Ok, I have more than one, but this one is a biggie! It’s that time of year again when the little angelic girls in their little green dresses whore their cookies at every grocery store, department store, convenience store and everywhere else you go to. They have even infiltrated our local IKEA! You know the ones. The Girl Scouts.

I am a Girl Scout cookie addict. Whew, it felt good to get that off my chest. Anyway, about a month ago one of our sweet little younglings at church looked at me with her big doe eyes and said, “Elle, will you buy some of my cookies.” Well, I’m not sure sweetheart… I don’t have my checkbook with me. “That’s ok, you don’t have to pay right now.” Ok then, I’ll buy a few boxes.

How many boxes does Elle purchase? 5. That simply won’t do. That is not nearly enough cookies to get me through the week. Actually, I bought 2 Thin Mint and 3 of those peanut butter things. Those are D’s. I am a Thin Mint snob.

You would be proud to know that I did not rip open the box and start shoving said cookies into my face the minute the little angel delivered them. I was a good girl. I waited until the next day when I ate nearly an entire sleeve in one sitting. It is day 2 of the cookie fest and I am almost through my first box. I am eyeing that second box and thinking about where I can find me a fix when that one is gone.

I will fully admit that I am a Girl Scout hunter. I usually don’t have the privledged of pre-purchasing my cookies. I actually like it when they ask at the store. They see this huge target on my chest from a mile away. I buy at least 3-5 boxes each time. They LOVE me!!

I secretly cry when they are all done selling cookies each year. I have to go back to the Thin Mint ice cream that just isn’t the same. I really shouldn’t eat it anyway with that whole lactose intolerant thing.

So if you hear news reports of some cookie crazed lady taking Girl Scouts hostage looking for a cookie fix… that’s me.

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  1. -Jenny says: Reply

    I love thin mints and the butter cookies.
    But since I am on a sugar hiatus I can’t have anything and I hate it. I could eat a sleeve of each with some tea in 15 minutes.

    I wish I was 19 again when they didn’t hit my waist line like a spare tire!!!!

    enjoy ladies.

  2. bethee says: Reply

    I am lactose intolerant, too. 🙁

    My DH and I got the same thing as you. He loves the Thin Mints, me, I love me my P’nut butter. What did DH do? Eat his, and then proceed to begin on mine. He made it through half the box before I snagged him.

    He still owes me for that one. 🙂

  3. jeneflower says: Reply

    We haven’t seen many girl scouts around here. M loves the chocolate mint cookies. When we have encountered girl scouts we always buy a couple of boxes of those. Maybe we need to head down to IKEA to find some scout cookies. I love that store. Any excuse to go IKEA shopping is good for me!

  4. Rhonda says: Reply

    Tell me about it. Those Girl Scouts are EVERYWHERE. How can you say no to cute little girls in uniforms? You CAN’T. They have to be the world’s best salespeople.

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