It’s gotta be the shoes

This past weekend we decided to do the boy’s school shopping. ?It became apparent that shopping was in order the week that the weather got cool and the child had not pants that went past his ankles. ?Lucky for us the need for clothing coincided with back to school sales.

I don’t shop for clothes for the boy as often as I used to. ?Partly because every time I turn around a grandparent is buying him something or he just hasn’t outgrown anything. ?He’s also very light on his clothing so things don’t get worn out.

Last year we spent time and money on buying school clothes only to have the child go through a growth spurt the second month into the school year. ?Everything we bought was two small in a matter of weeks. ?We planned ahead this year. ?All adjustable waist pants and shirts that were a little on the big side. ?We also did the shopping at a few higher end stores rather than Target or the Mega-Lo Mart. ?Not that I shop at the Mega-Lo Mart. ?The clothes were cuter and we had more options besides clothing with Transformers, super heros or Lightening McQueen. ?I’m tired of my child being a walking advertisment for Disney and if he has clothing with characters he won’t wear the really cute stuff.

We picked up 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of “work” pants (not jeans), 2 long sleeved button downs, 1 short sleeved button down, a bunch of t-shirts, a coat, a corduroy sport coat and a kick ass hat that he swears he will actually wear. ?The only thing missing is shoes.

The last time I purchased shoes for my child was sometime in the spring. ?And that was a pair of Crocs that was probably too small when I bought them. ?But they were red and that month his favorite color was red. ?I have a weakness for shoes. ?You should know this by now.

Again, when the weather turned cooler I told the boy he needed to wear real shoes. ?One day he wanted to go play outside and had put his socks on but brought me his blue Pumas (that his grandparents had purchased for him last August). ?”Mommy, I got my socks on by myself, but I can’t get my shoes on,” he told me.

“That’s because they are 3 sizes too small.”

“But I really want to wear them. ?Will you help me?” he insisted.

“Sure.” ?I squeezed his growing feet into his favorite pair of shoes and sent him off to play. ?That night I stashed the shoes in the closet and vowed that I would get him new shoes. ?That was last week.

The trusty husband and I have been in every damn store trying to find shoes for this child. ?The criteria are 1) must have velcro or be slip ons (his school would like children to be able to put on their own shoes) 2) no flashy lights (he doesn’t need them) 3) no characters (I’m not allowing character clothing anymore) and 4) they must be reasonably priced (I’m not made of money). ?We have searched and searched with no luck.

Now before you go and defame me for my child not having shoes let me assure you he does. ?My child is never without a pair of black high-top Chuck Taylor All Stars. ?He’s had them from the day we took him out of the orphanage. ?He’s currently wearing his size 9s (way too small) and I have a pair of size 10s in the closet. ?Trouble is they lace up. ?He wants the “Chucks with the stripes” (velcro). ?The only place we’ve found them is at Zappos and they are way more expensive than if we bought Chucks in a store. ?Why on earth do children’s shoes need to be so damn expensive?

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  1. try girls x2. Literally I get a twin discount at some local places and go there. I really try to buy them at my co-op (wholesale) and try to get their boots at target. (I don’t believe in target shoes cause I think you need sturdy shoes for little growing feet) but literally, the money I have spent on shoes this fall, I could have bought those tall black boots I have always wanted, BY a DESIGNER!

    Good luck! Hope you find something that doesn’t break the bank!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    I no longer will spend a fortune on shoes.. Livi is ROUGH on shoes.. toe walking, dragging the tops of her feet.. Oy vey. Crocs are her very favorite. I bought a ton from a friends garage sale. Livi must have over a dozen pairs of shoes.

    How about stride rite? I know they have plain leather velcro sneaks & boots & loafers. I was just in a shoe depot and they had lots of nice shoes for kids.

  3. Heather says: Reply

    Sucks doesn’t it? Be gratefull you only have 1 kid to buy for…I won’t begin to tell you how much we have spent on shoes! Its worth it though, those little feet need to be supported for the rest of the growing body! I agree, stride rite are the best, along with Geox. Good luck!

  4. kara says: Reply

    I have three daughters. When we shoe shop, we go to a department store that is not cheap and they pick out what they like. They always have the right size! It costs more money but I save time, gas, eating out, and my sanity. It took me a few years of shoppig around only to discover I spent more money trying to find a good deal for three girls with completely different styles. Good luck!!

  5. Kim Hartman says: Reply

    Mine is 8 and now wants Adio Sneakers for school. I had to break his heart and let him know that his father and I will not spend $75.00 for sneakers no matter how cool they are. He will grow out of them within the school year, I’m sure of it.

    Our dear friend (single, rich, and adores our son), just sent them to our son as a gift, an incentive if you will, the card read, I’d love to see all A’s on your reportcard from third grade.

    We got lucky, but last year, he rocked the high top Black Chuck’s.

    I wish you well with the search.

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